I’m Sorry, But the Entire Trump Presidency is Simply Fucked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2019

I am the most fanatical Trump supporter I’ve ever met.

And at this point, Trump has lost me.

And if Trump has lost me, he’s lost middle America.

It wasn’t the Jew comments. Those are insult to injury. It wasn’t even the push for war in South America.

What lost me was the repeated statements about how we need immigrants because factories.

Following these comments, it’s no longer just Queen Ann who has had enough.

The entire support base is collapsing.

New York Times:

For months, President Trump has been railing about the urgent need for a wall to protect against what he calls “an invasion” of illegal immigrants flooding across the southwestern border. But he has also been delivering another message: “We need workers,” he told a group of activists recently.

In other words, he wants more immigrants.

“I want people to come into our country, in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally,” Mr. Trump ad-libbed last month during his State of the Union address.

Comments like those from the president have ignited furious criticism from his hard-line, anti-immigrant supporters who accuse him of caving to demands for cheap foreign labor from corporations, establishment Republicans and big donors while abandoning his election promise to protect his working-class supporters from the effects of globalism.

“This is clearly a betrayal of what immigration hawks hoped the Trump administration would be for,” said Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates cutting legal immigration by more than half. He warned that Mr. Trump was in danger of being “not even that different from a conventional Republican.”

Breitbart News, a conservative website that promotes anti-immigrant messaging, published on Thursday the latest in a series of articles attacking Mr. Trump for catering to big business at the expense of the Americans who put him in the Oval Office. “Trump Requests ‘More’ Foreign Workers as Southern Border Gets Overrun,” the site blared on its home page.

“That Mr. Trump would advance the interests of the global elite ahead of our citizens would be a tragic reversal on any day,” Lou Dobbs, the Fox News host, said in a televised rant against the president on Wednesday evening on the Fox Business Channel. “The White House has simply lost its way.”

Corporations and influential corporate conservatives such as Charles G. Koch and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have long urged the president to help them recruit the talent they need by expanding the number of workers who can enter the United States from other countries.

“We’re going to have a lot of people coming into the country. We want a lot of people coming in. And we need it,” Mr. Trump said as he sat next to Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, and other executives. “We want to have the companies grow, and the only way they’re going to grow is if we give them the workers, and the only way we’re going to have the workers is to do exactly what we’re doing.

The harsh record — and comments by Mr. Trump that disparaged African nations in vulgar terms and suggested that Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS” — has earned him the enmity of Democrats and immigration activists, who call him a racist president.

It is unclear whether Mr. Trump will follow through on his recent, pro-business messaging. Many of the president’s aides — including Stephen Miller, his top immigration adviser in the White House — agree with the hard-line activists about the need to lower legal immigration.

But even so, some of the nation’s most hard-line anti-immigration activists have become increasingly nervous that Mr. Trump might waver on their primary concern — the need to shrink the number of immigrants who enter the United States each year, currently 1.1 million.

They argue that tight labor markets make it exactly the wrong time to allow more foreign workers to compete with Americans. Chris Chmielenski, the deputy director of NumbersUSA, which lobbies for lower legal immigration, said companies should be pressured to hire more Americans instead.

“Anything we do now to bring in more foreign workers could actually reverse some of the economic gains over the last four years,” Mr. Chmielenski said. “We’re absolutely concerned. We feel this isn’t how he ran on the issue.”

Last week, in an effort to communicate that message directly to Mr. Trump, NumbersUSA began airing an ad on Fox News Channel in the hopes that the president would get the message that his supporters do not want to let in more than one million immigrants each year.

“The majority of voters say the number should be cut to 500,000 or less,” the ad said. “Americans want less immigration.”

Mr. Krikorian, of the Center for Immigration Studies, said that companies that no longer have access to foreign workers would have no choice but to turn to Americans who are still struggling to find work: people with disabilities, teenagers, older people and even former convicts.

He also said that modest increases in wages for workers would evaporate if companies were allowed to simply tap an unlimited pool of lower-paid workers from other countries.

“If you want wages to go up,” Mr. Krikorian said, “you don’t import more foreign labor.”

In other news, if you want your brain to remain in tact, you don’t shoot yourself in the head.

Business groups dispute that analysis. They argue that immigration expands the amount of business activity in the United States, adding jobs and increasing wages for the vast majority of American workers.

Todd Schulte, the president of FWD.us, a pro-immigration advocacy group that started with backing from Mark Zuckerberg, a founder of Facebook, said that “immigrants and immigration increase economic growth, they increase economic productivity and they increase wages for the overwhelming number of native-born Americans.”

Mr. Schulte, whose group has been highly critical of Mr. Trump’s anti-immigrant messaging and policies, welcomed the president’s recognition that legal immigration is a positive thing for the United States’ economy.

It is frustrating that this entire conversation has to take place on the grounds of the economic benefits or lack thereof. It is simply insane that we can’t say “this is our country and we deserve to have a place to live – this isn’t a fucking marketplace of the world, we are people and we live here.”

But even on the grounds of economics, the fact is that more people always equals lower wages, and shills who go out there and claim something different are simply lying. Supply and demand is the single most basic concept of economics. This isn’t even debatable on any level, which is why almost all of the arguments for immigration are limited to humanitarian arguments like “a baby died tho.”

The only things that increase due to more people are the profits of corporations and the GDP, neither of which benefits us as a people and nation.

From me to Breitbart to Lou Dobbs to every single anti-immigration organization, support is vanishing like smoke.

I have no idea what the fuck Trump is doing.

It is maybe interesting to think about why he would do this. I know who I blame.

Some people want to claim that this was always the plan from the beginning, and he was always just another politician. I don’t think this is at all true. It just doesn’t make any sense. What makes much more sense is that he is one man who stood alone against the Jewish system and he lost the fight.

But as much as people instinctively want to focus on his personality, his mindset and his personal motivations, these things are completely irrelevant. I understand you are angry. We’re all angry. But from a logical point of view, sitting around trying to think of why Trump is doing this, or being mad at him, is just feminine emotionality.

What matters is what is happening.

And what is happening is that this guy is going up there and saying that he wants to flood the country with brown people “because factories.”

Which means the jig is up.

I currently don’t know if I will endorse him in 2020. I probably will, short of some miraculous event wherein there is a third party candidate who is viable and who I don’t think will release hell on us (Yang, basically).

If he loses, the Democrats are going to release hell. It’s going to be like nothing you can even begin to imagine right now.

I can imagine it.

They are going to arrest people for speech. They are going to restrict gun sales, and start selectively raiding people and taking their guns based on politics. They are going to take the children away from right wingers. And when they take them away, they are going to turn them into trannies, inject them with hormones and cut their dicks off.

And the gates will be opened up.

You will be buried in the genetic waste of the entire planet.

I would prefer to have another 4 years of Trump fucking around before this happens, to give people more time to prepare.

But I don’t really think that’s very likely at this point. There is virtually no way he can win.

So get ready lads.

What they are going to start with is accusations of allegiances to Russia. If they start accusing people of being foreign operatives, they aren’t even going to need to change any of the laws in order to come for you. And they’ve already spent years building this narrative.

If you’re already doxed, I’d think very seriously about leaving the country.

If you’re not doxed, they probably aren’t going to come for you just for reading websites and posting memes.

But this website will be removed from the normal internet completely and permanently, so we’re going to start a big push to get everyone on Tor. Which is getting easier, by the way.

It’s actually good that we got shut down at Charlottesville, as it’s forced us to develop the proper infrastructure and get people used to using it. Half of our traffic is already on Tor.

These things always tend to work out.