I’m Not Piling on Chris Chan

People keep asking me why I haven’t written about Chris Chan having sex with his mother and getting arrested for it.

Chris Chan is a degenerate and everything else, and I don’t really doubt he had sex with his own mother repeatedly.

However, he is also fully mentally ill, and he should have been locked up over a decade ago in a padded room where he could draw his Sonic the Hedgehog pictures without hurting himself or others.

Chris Chan having sex with his mother does not reflect on Chris Chan. Everyone knew he was insane, and something surpassing the ultimate levels of grotesquery was bound to happen eventually.

This is society’s fault. It is society’s fault.

It is not the fault of the internet, not the fault of Kiwi Farms, and it is most of all not the fault of Chris Chan.

It is the fault of the government, the media, and the people who support the government and the media.

Above all, I blame the Jews and their psychiatrists, who will be found to be at the very root of this scandal when the truth is ultimately revealed.

For those who don’t know about Chris Chan, let me just say: this is more complicated than “a tranny having sex with his elderly mother.” This is the culmination of a sad, sorry story about the way the mentally ill are treated in America, and it ultimately reflects onto all of us.

This is a society that has stripped us all of our humanity, turned us into programmable machines so they can run bad code on our souls, to use us as pawns in a gigantic satanic psychodrama that not even the directors understand the meaning of.

All of this saccharine love of the brown people and the faggots is a cover-up of the blackness that is at the heart of this society, which stuffs everyone into a meat grinder.

People want to pile on a lunatic Sonic the Hedgehog fanatic as a way to feel superior in a society where they know they are one bad day away from ending up on the front of every news website for committing some awful crime that they don’t remember committing and feebly trying to blame it on the dimensional shift as they get hauled away.

This is what “godlessness” looks like, and it has only just begun.

No one is innocent and we’re all doomed.

The only thing that can clean up this filth is fire.

Christ have mercy.