“I’m Not a German; I’m a Jew”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2019

Here’s another video demonstrating just how absolutely bizarre the Jews are.

It is some rabbi talking about how the Germans turned on the Jews for no reason and just wanted to exterminate them.

It is literally the religious teaching of the Jews that people want to exterminate them for no reason. That all anti-Jewishness is a kind of metaphysical phenomenon wherein people try to destroy them for no particular reason.

And this gets carried over to the secular Jewish world, and you have the bizarre phenomenon of “anti-Semitism.”

Anti-Semitism is the one problem that we are presented with in this society that literally has no cause. The Jews will never, ever attempt to explain why it is that people dislike them. And that is because in their minds, it is a metaphysical problem. The goyim dislike them because the goyim are evil.

It creates this bizarre situation for any non-Jew who is looking at the situation objectively. Because generally, white people try to be logical about things. Even shitlibs do their best. So when someone says “they hate us,” the obvious question is “why?”

The Jews cannot ever offer an explanation for that.

They say that racists hate blacks and Arabs or whatever “because of the color of their skin,” but a Jew – without the beard and hat – looks more or less the same as a white person. Certainly, they do not have a different color of skin to hate them for.

So what you are left with is this weird intersection between the entire secular liberal “anti-hate” movement, and Jewish religious doctrine. It doesn’t make sense, but anyone who questions it is attacked, so it just stands there in plain sight, this inexplicable mystery and contradiction.

The Jews are a fundamentally satanic race, and they live in their own parallel version of reality – which they force the goyim to accept. That is the core problem of our age.