“I’m Gonna Call Gretchen” – Black Michigan State Rep Gets Arrested While Drunk, Beats Up Paramedics

You want to talk about privilege?

This colored gentleman thinks he can drive around drunk with a handgun, crash into a ditch while driving on a straight highway, and then fight the cops and then just call Gretchen Whitmer to clear it all up.

This nigga has his name be “Jewell Jones.” He ridin’ dirty-dirty.


Newly released dashcam footage shows Michigan lawmaker Jewell Jones trying to wield his political influence, even threatening to call Governor Gretchen, as state troopers try to arrest him after an alleged drunken crash.

I’ll call Governor Whitmer right now,” the 26-year-old Democrat from suburban Detroit is heard saying on the video. He added, “When I call Gretchen, I’ll need y’all IDs and badge numbers, everything,” and later said, “If you abuse me, I’m going to get upset. I’m going to tell Gretchen . . . and I’m going to get you all on desk duty, bro. I’m telling you.”

The incident occurred earlier this month, after Jones allegedly crashed his sport-utility vehicle into a ditch while traveling on Interstate 96 toward the state capital. Police allege that he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19%, more than twice the legal limit, and that he resisted arrest. Police also found a Glock pistol in the SUV’s cupholder.

He sounded like he was at a lot higher than 0.19%, which means he was likely on narcotics.

Jones’ apparent attempts to leverage his political influence didn’t stop at threatening to call the Democrat governor. “It’s not going to be good for you, I’m telling you,” he told two troopers as struggled to handcuff him on the ground. “I run you all’s budget, bro.”

The state lawmaker accused police of harassing him all the time and abusing him because he’s black. “You all don’t know who you all dealing with, bro,” he said.

When dropping Whitmer’s name apparently didn’t persuade officers to let him go, Jones invoked the name of Michigan State Police director Joe Gasper. At one point, he said he wanted Gasper to handle the arrest. “If someone else take me in, I’m going to be upset, and I’m going to come at you all,” he said.

Later, when he was handcuffed and sitting in the back of a police vehicle, Jones told a trooper to call Gasper. “Tell Joe who you got and call f**king Joe,” he said. “I’m not sure whether he’s up or not. If he’s not up, wake him up. Tell Joe who you have, tell Joe who you have handcuffed, OK? . . . Let him know that I would like to go home. After that, let me go f**king home.”

Jones then offered to make the call to Gasper. “You want me to call him?” he asked. “I’ve got like 10 troopers around me. I’ll call him myself. I’ll call him and tell him I would like to go home.”

But a lawyer for Jones, who was Tasered twice and hit with pepper stray while allegedly resisting arrest, told NBC News that his client was “fully cooperative” with troopers and only wielded political influence “to stop them from using excessive force.”

If it wouldn’t have been on video, I’m sure Gretchen would have said in her stupid UPer accent, “Oh my Gard, ame su sowery” and called the cops and threatened them.

Jewell should drop a mix tape dis track on these cops called “Desk Duty.”

Yall me fuggen with me, ya gonna meet ya maker
I is a grimy ass nigga, ride with Gretchen Whitmer
Grabbin mah dick, yall po-lees is gettin real fruity
Messin with Senator Jones, your ass is on Desk Duty

Bitches all on my dick, cuz I ride in the Senate
Cock it and drop it, if I swerve I intend it
Ima tell you this slowly, cuz yo a mental midget
Get up off my ass, or I’ll be runnin your budget

This is the most logical career choice at this point, and it’s clear by his statements and behavior that he’s an aspiring rapper.

Honestly though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made this the latest BLM cause: “black state senator prevented from calling dirty cops to get him out of an arrest because arresting officers hated his skin color.”