I’m Glad Those Soldiers Got Blown Up in Afghanistan

I’m just TROLLING you – don’t be a TRIGGERED NORMIE.

Learn to get BASED, NORMIE.

Take the RED PILL.

Stop being so CUCKED.

Anyway, the issue of the soldiers dying:

Joe Biden went on TV and said “they died for our values.”

So, you can figure out what you think about that.

I don’t think that we should have any more emotions about these soldiers than we do about loggers who die while logging.

But – and I’m not joking here – I have a lot of respect for loggers.

(For those unawares, loggers have a significantly higher mortality rate than soldiers, and they arguably do a much more important service for our country.)

So, I respect the troops as much as I respect anyone who does any masculine, dangerous, physical profession. But I don’t think it’s sacred or holy that they died for gay anal rimjobs – which is what Joe Biden is talking about when he says “they died for our values.”

A lot of people like Beardson Beardly say “fuck the vets.” I categorically disagree with this sentiment. I think our vets are as noble as the people who lost limbs logging. We love our logs, just as we love our dead Moslems.

But frankly, this bullshit about praising the soldiers for giving their lives so Afghani men could do hardcore rimjobs on little boys – I don’t subscribe to those values and ideals.

I’m also 100% opposed to the idea that the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan are fighting for something other than grown men doing anal rimjobs on little boys and being ruled by women. If someone wants to disagree with me on that, fine – come at me. But you’re going to eventually find that I’m correct. US troops are all over the world, fighting for gay sex and feminism, and no one – no matter how genuinely patriotic they are – can give an explanation as to what else they are fighting for.

That’s sad for people who have family members who died or had limbs blown off – obviously, that is excruciatingly sad – but I don’t know what to tell you. It is what it is.

“Our values” is rimjobs and mommy overlords, and whatever your values are does not change what the values of the US government, and therefore the military, actually are.

You can’t really wish that away.

To any BOOMERS who might be TRIGGERED by my RED PILLS – I’ve got a lot of vet readers and a lot of currently serving readers. I’m not trying to hide behind these guys with my positions, but I am just going to point out that I’ve never had a vet or a serving officer send me a message whining about how I talk about the military.

Actually, that’s not totally true. I have had one or maybe more Gen Xers who never fought in a war message me and complain.

But in terms of millennials – my generation – I’ve never had a vet send a message whining that I need to respect vets more. In fact, many have taken time to write me saying this entire program of “we love our vets” is total bullshit, because they don’t get any money, and the whole thing of “thank you for your service” is cultish and bizarre.

Furthermore – I don’t have to tell you this, but I will – my biggest donors are military vets. You can take that as you want to take it. But it is true. Military vets are at least 100 times more likely to donate to this site than non military vets. So, considering that – I have zero reason to insult vets or soldiers, and I would not do so.

Anyway – I don’t need to defend myself.

This is ridiculous.

It’s all so sensitive, this thing with the troops. I’m the guy who screams “nigger” and “faggot,” along with many others, and I feel like I’m walking on eggshells with this thing about the troops.

I’m just telling you people who are into this “thank you for your service” bullshit, and the whole worship of vets for going and dying for gay rimjobs – it’s dumb.

Soldiers get paid to do a job. This is not 1970, they are not drafted, they sign up and they get paid to kill Moslems for Israel.

I wish that wasn’t the case.

I wish we had a draft, and I wish we only fought wars for the sake of our own people.

But that’s not what the reality is.

Wishing it was something else, wishing these boys died for freedom, died for Jesus, died for Our Way of Life – it doesn’t make it true. Wishing something doesn’t change the fact.

These boys died for gay anal licking, and for the right of women to control men, to be whores.

That’s what happened.

It’s sad, but that’s what happened.


I hate to be the one to break this news to you.

It’s kind of like DMX says in the Ruff Ryders’ Anthem – “Niggas wanna try, niggas wanna lie, then niggas wonder why some niggas gonna die.”

I think Donald Trump’s tribute to these dead ZOGbots was depressing and frankly disgusting.

Claiming that they were fighting for “their country” is simply false. Afghanistan is not in their country.


Vaxxy Joe also went “Action Joe,” and said “we will hunt you down.”

It’s pretty obvious that the US government sent their own terrorists to blow up the airport. I mean, it’s actually really obvious. Come on now.

Come on.

It’s stupid.

How does ISIS all of a sudden just materialize out of nowhere in Afghanistan?

Does this even need to be discussed?

The US government does nothing but hoaxes, nonstop. It is the entire framework of the government, and basically, the framework of the entire world order.

The entire concept of “Islamic terror” is primarily a hoax. First and foremost, it is a hoax. Maybe there is some guy in Europe who wants to stab people. Okay. But in terms of organized groups of terrorists, if you look at any of these groups, you find that they were founded and funded by the US government.

That’s not to defend Moslems – it’s just the truth.

As regards the edgy joke in the headline – we’re apparently entering into a new era of jingoistic faux patriotism.

Aside from distracting from the failure of the Democrats to pull out, this bombing also drums up the emotions they want drummed up. I guarantee you, they are going to be showing these dead soldiers’ faces, their families, and going on and on and on. It’s probably a perfectly multiracial pile of corpses too.

The same day these lads get blown out in Afghanistan and Joe Biden gives a faggot speech, Kamala Harris laid flowers on a memorial to John McCain established by the Vietcong.

These people are going to suck every last drop out of the boomer multiracial democratic ideal of patriotism which took hold under Ronald Reagan.

You saw that MAGA fake bomber, Bubba, was talking about “them keeds in Afghanistan, Joe!”

I don’t actually think that guy was a crisis actor. Obviously he was set up by the FBI, but I think the fact that his speech was so weird is part of why the media didn’t use him as the next Dylann Roof. He was talking about how he wanted gay and lesbian immigrants.

So, apparently, there is still some kind of energy in this new age anal patriotism.

Frankly, I think Bubba represents a pretty big portion of conservative Americans in terms of this retarded bullshit about lesbian immigration. I don’t think he actually believes this, necessarily, it’s just that he doesn’t have any language to express his emotions, so he used the language of Sean Hannity, because that’s all he has on hand.

So, I mean.

Whether or not a war with China is possible (and I don’t really think it is), these people want a war with China, so they are ratcheting up this faux patriot gibberish.

Listen up:

There are only two things worth fighting and dying for:

  • Your family
  • Jesus

The nation should be an extension of your family, and something that protects your family, but unfortunately, America is not that anymore.

And Jesus don’t anal, just like Charlie don’t surf.

Frankly, I’m really baffled by everything that is happening right now, in terms of the globe, and the Jewish agenda.

It really looks like it’s in a downward spiral.

I can see the whole domestic agenda unfolding really clearly, with this whole full-Bolshevik thing the Democrats are doing, and I think if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re going to get hunted down, force-vaxxed, and tortured (gay).

But in terms of geopolitics – these people are going to start a war with the Chinese?


Who’s going to fight it?

Honestly, I don’t really know if it is coherent in their own minds.

I mean – look at this thing with Kamala thinking a plaque commemorating John McCain getting shot down was a memorial for John McCain.

Memorial, memorial, memorial.

Protip: that’s not a memorial to John McCain.

How could someone think that the Vietnamese built a memorial to the enemy that invaded their country?

There’s no way to know if these media people are doing poker face or if they really don’t know. I don’t know which is worse.

But the staff – the staff can’t know, or they would have told her.

Here’s Kamala’s “deputy communications director”:

Here’s Kamala’s “assistant press secretary”:

She is saying that the plaque the Vietnamese put up to honor the fighters who shot down John McCain’s plane is “a symbol of the continued growth of the US-Vietnam relationship.”

How is this possible? 

What was going on? 

Did they think that the South Vietnamese won the war, and John McCain was a hero?

Did they not know there was a war, and think John McCain crashed on a joyride, and was rescued by helpful gooks?

What are even the possibilities here?

Furthermore – the Wicked Witch apparently hasn’t seen the polls.

Anyway – that is the level of coherence we’re dealing with at this point.

So don’t expect whatever comes next to be logical. I don’t think it will be. I think these evil people in charge are confused, and what you’re going to see is a downward spiral.

The problem with that is that they are going to try to suck us all down with them.

But the good news is: these people cannot possibly run a civilization.

So it’s gonna get weird for a bit, then it is going to stop.