I’m Genuinely Impressed with the Way This Millennial Jew Writer is Responding to an Anti-Semitic Backlash

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2020

Dana Schwartz: Best Jew ever?

Dana Schwartz is a 27-year-old Jew who is working on Marvel’s She-Hulk Disney+ miniseries. She recently instigated a massive storm of hatred on Twitter after attacking South Park for being ironic and nihilistic, claiming that it birthed a generation of trolls.

Of course, she attacked “white guys” (even whilst Matt Stone is the same race as her) and “privilege.”

Obviously, anyone can pick all that apart, point out that South Park didn’t actually create anything but rather embodied a cultural phenomenon. But whatever, that’s all obvious and boring. What interested me about this situation is that Schwartz posted images of emails from people calling her a kike without feigning outrage, talking about the Holocaust or demanding that people be silenced.

Primarily, she just kept accusing people of being “triggered.”

She actually didn’t even use the word “anti-Semitism,” but instead talked about “racial slurs.”

Perhaps more impressively, she specifically said she’s not trying to ban anything and made Jack Posobiec look dumb for claiming she’s trying to get a show that’s been on the air for 23 years canceled by posting “thoughts of the day” amateur sociology.

But the very best part was when she said that an anti-Nazi guy trying to hit on her was worse than the Nazis.

These are the kinds of interactions we should be having with the Jews. Simply back and forth discussions. They can state their points without crying about the Holocaust and demanding that everyone who disagrees with them be silenced.

Many Jews will then say “I’m leaving Twitter because they refuse to deal with this horrible anti-Semitism that led to my six million ancestors being turned into soap by Adolf Hitler.” Like that New York Times kike back in 2016, before the brutality of the censorship machine really turned on. Because the Jew media are the main advocates for censorship of viewpoints outside of that of their publications.

If Jews believed that what they are forcing on the goyim is good for the goyim, there would be no need for censorship, and this whole situation could just be discussed frankly. Schoolyard name-calling would not result in apoplectic claims of impending genocide.

Of course, for every Jew who responds to people calling them a kike with “lol screw you guys, triggered much snowflake?” there are 10,000 Jews who will respond to any criticism with aggressive demands for censorship of anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

It really is a novelty to see a Jew not going apeshit after being called a kike.

Although I would suspect that this primarily has to do with her being a woman who loves the attention. These initial tweets started on February 13th, and after they went viral, she’s still milking it a week later.

But she’s still not moaning about the Holocaust or demanding censorship, or taking some super-serious tone of any sort!

She’s just saying “COME ON GUISE!!!!”

So, I salute her for this.

Whatever her reasons may be, it is refreshingly mature, given the standard babylike behavior of these Jews.

Nerdrotic was discussing this the other day, and went through a lot of her old tweets about how she hates white men and so on. And he would say “I support her right to say this.” But never did he point out the unique nature of her interactions, which is that she herself is not calling for censorship or accusing her critics of planning a genocide, which I believe is by far the most interesting thing about the situation.

The specific things she is saying might as well be a recording. This is the same thing that all Jews say. But she proves that it is possible for a Jew to say these things and still behave like a normal person when people don’t like what she is saying.

I truly wish that more Jews would be willing to simply engage the goyim as if they are human beings instead of slaves that can simply be silenced and removed from society if they offend their “chosen one” masters.

We need a new sincerity movement amongst Jew millennials who are willing to act like normal people!

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