I’m Dreaming of a Brown Christmas

Diversity Macht Frei
November 11, 2017

John Lewis is a major British retailer. Its lavishly produced Christmas adverts have become something of a national institution, and a prime vehicle for diversity propaganda.

Last year the advert featured a negro family (link). This year the father is a negro, the children are half-breeds and the mother is a white blonde. The fact that the mother isn’t introduced till the end gives it an added punch.

Why are brown people even celebrating Christmas? Isn’t this cultural appropriation of a European tradition?

Here is the Debenhams advert. More miscegenation propaganda. It really is very in-your-face now.

Longer version:

The Marks and Spencers advert does it too. They really are going all in on Diversity this year. Note Santa is a bumbling, incompetent old white man who has to be helped by a brown bear.

Just to put this in perspective, the negro population of Britain is estimated at around 2-3% of the total. Yet every woman in these adverts has a negro partner. Even I am taken aback by this. They’re not even trying to hide the agenda any more.

Is it the same in other countries? The AltRight should try and get the #BrownChristmas meme going and see if we can get the MSM to cover it.

Thanks to Jerry O’Reilly for pointing out the others.