“I’m All Stabbed in the Supermarket, I Can No Longer Shop Happily” – One Dead in Hamburg Grocery Store Enrichment Event!

Daily Stormer
July 28, 2017

This happened earlier today. I was gonna write about it, but then I figured, these small-scale terrorist attacks are becoming so common, maybe it’s not even worth writing about them at all. I mean come on – a single death (so far) is shit-tier terrorism.


The attack took place at a supermarket in the Barmbek neighbourhood of Hamburg at around 3 pm local time according to police. The man involved, who has yet to be identified to the press, ran into the supermarket and began attacking customers with a “long kitchen knife” leading to the death of at least one victim.

Hey Krauts – you got elections coming up soon.

How about not voting for Merkel this time?

Think you can pull it off?

One alleged witness to the attack claimed that the man stabbed the customers and yelled “Allahu Akbar!” immediately after the attack.

Yelled “Allahu Akbar”, huh? I checked this incident on several other sites and most of them, for reasons that I cannot grasp, didn’t mention this little detail. I’m sure it has nothing to do with anything, though. I’m just a paranoid nazi for even noticing it.

Police captured the suspected killer shortly after the attack as he attempted to flee and has been arrested. Germany’s Spiegel reports after the attack the man fled in the direction of the Barmbek metro station but was chased by witnesses, allowing police to make their arrest. The news magazine also reports the motive for the killer is not clear, but counter-terror police have not yet been involved with the investigation.

Just what I expected from a White supremacist rag like Breitbart – referring to a RACIST MOB OF IRRATIONAL HATRED FOR THE SKIN as “witnesses.” You people disgust me…

Photographs acquired by Germany tabloid Bild showed the suspect, drenched in blood and wearing a so-called ‘spit mask’ being driven away by officers in a marked squad car.

I had never heard of “spit masks” before this, but I like the concept. If nothing else, it’ll cover these ugly subhuman’s faces, which is always a good thing. Suffocating them to death would be much better though.

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