Illinois Votes to Teach Queer History to Five-Year-Old Kids

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2019

The push to infect everyone in the West with the gay continues. Sometimes it’s subtle, like forcing you to watch penises when you only wanted to see some bob and vegana, but sometimes it’s more direct.

Sometimes it’s literally teaching young kids about the gay.


The Illinois House of representatives has voted to require the teaching of ‘LGBT history’ to elementary school students in the state. Republican opponents have called the measure “indoctrination.”

The measure, which passed by 60 votes to 42 on Wednesday, would require history textbooks in the state to include “the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State.”

Supporters say the addition to the history books will cut down on bullying and show LGBT students that they can contribute fully to society. Opponents, however, are skeptical.

Contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people… so they’ll be teaching young kids about AIDS then?

It’s weird that they want to teach about alleged “contributions” of LGBT “people.”

Are they suggesting that those alleged LGBT contributors were able to contribute to America because of them being degenerates?

If not, what’s even the point of highlighting that aspect of their lives?

Maybe they’re going for a “you can be useful even though you’re a degenerate working towards the destruction of civilization” kind of angle so these LGBT feel compelled to push harder for degeneracy.

Gays are not people. The gay community does not exist. The history of the gays is like the history of a plague. It is the history of an affliction.

This affliction started with baby boomer hippies. These hippies took so many drugs that they lost the ability to feel shame or disgust. Disoriented and uninhibited, they wandered around attempting to have sex with any warm moving object.

The gays then created bathhouses in California and gave each other AIDS, because gays are extremely promiscuous.

Gays are 79 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV.

Then, the NYPD raided a gay bar a few times because of drug abuse and prostitution, a gay man was killed this one time for some reason, and Texas held out its sodomy laws until 2003.

Then the modern living environment was contaminated by feminizing chemicals from plastic-contaminated food, unfiltered birth control medication in water, eating dairy from hormone-pumped cows, and massive consumption of soy protein and oil.

LGBT History, the one that will not be taught to the public school students of Illinois, is the history of conscious planning by government and corporations to create a weaker, less fertile population.

They even turned the frogs gay.

However, for the white male students of Illinois, LGBT History will be the history of how they can escape the shame of being white. They are taught every day at school about how they gassed Jews, enslaved negroes, and oppressed wimminz.

The gay offers them a way out of that shame. It offers them a source of artificial, crooked pride.

Those able to resist the gay may choose to embrace becoming literally Hitler.