Illinois: Jew Governor Makes It a Felony to Fight Back Against Mask Police

Fatty Fat Pritzker is one of the most loony of the lockdown governors, and I think people should remember that he’s Jewish. It’s an important fact.

The coronavirus hoax agenda is being locked onto us by the Jews and by women.


Anyone who assaults an employee enforcing the use of masks can now be prosecuted as aggravated battery in Illinois.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker passed a law last week that adds a penalty for assaulting a worker who’s “conveying public health guidance” — that is, telling patrons of a business to wear a mask or maintain social distancing. In Illinois, aggravated battery is usually a felony.

The law went into effect immediately.

“This provision sends the message that it’s vitally important for workers to be both respected and protected while serving on the front lines,” the governor’s office said in a statement on the new law.

Of course, in this case, “assault” means “touching someone who gets up in your face and yells at you.”

A very loose definition of assault.

My advice is that if someone gets in your face, start doing what you do in a video game where you’re not allowed to punch an NPC: start running around them in circles.