“Illegal Immigrants Commit Fewer Crimes Than Natural Born Americans” Is Anti-Black Hatespeech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019

It is time for the media to stop touching black bodies with their hateful statistical facts.

After President Trump’s speech in the Oval Office telling America about the need for a wall, the media returned with an old anti-black canard to defend Mexicans: the theory that natural Americans commit more crimes than illegal immigrants.

It was all over the gosh-darned place.


But Trump’s suggestion that undocumented immigrants are more prone to commit acts of violence is false. A 2018 Cato Institute study that looked at crime in Texas found that “As a percentage of their respective populations, there were 56 percent fewer criminal convictions of illegal immigrants than of native-born Americans in Texas in 2015.”

“The criminal conviction rate for legal immigrants was about 85 percent below the native-born rate,” it adds.

In an overview of the relevant social science research published last year, the Washington Post concluded, “Undocumented immigrants are considerably less likely to commit crime than native-born citizens, with immigrants legally in the United States even less likely to do so.”


Trump has frequently pointed to sympathetic crime victims to justify his crackdown on illegal immigration. But experts say the president’s rhetoric overstates the threat posed by immigrants, who tend to commit crime at lower rates than people who are born in the United States — including murder and other violent crimes.


Similarly, a 2018 study by the libertarian Cato Institute, which reviewed criminal conviction data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, found that immigrants — legal or illegal — are less likely than native-born Americans to be convicted of crimes.

Of course, what they are all dog-whistling is “blacks are more violent than precious Mexicans.”

It is an old canard based on long-debunked annual statistics that are released by the FBI every year.

The theory, promoted by the FBI using racist information, is that blacks commit so many crimes that no other race could possibly make a statistical difference of any kind.

True or not, there can only be one reason for bringing up this information: pure hatred for the color of the skin.

One type of racism can’t be used to justify another – saying “oh but niggers are killing everyone anyway” is racist, even if true, and should not be used by the media in a conversation about immigration.

Doing so is hatespeech, and I am shocked that the media is willing to sink this low simply to take a cheap shot at Donald Trump.

The fact that Mexicans commit 50-100% more violent crime than white people is no reason not to flood America with criminal latinos. In fact, it is all the more reason to do so, as it will teach white people a lesson.

But we do not need to insult the blacks in order to accomplish this goal.