“I’ll Call My Dad!” – Female German Defense Minister Says Europe Can’t Protect Itself Without US

Germany’s female Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has claimed that it is impossible for Europe to defend itself without the United States, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: Europe should be an independent body, free from United States influence or dependence on the United States. However, the leadership of Europe seems fixated on foreign entanglements, long after the cold war ended.

  • Speaking to students at a military college in Hamburg, Kramp-Karrenbauer noted that the US still provides the bulk of NATO’s ballistic missile defenses, satellite communication, reconnaissance aircraft and helicopters, and that 76,000 US troops remain stationed in Europe.
  • The harsh woman complained that replacing this military capacity would take decades, and that European countries would have to spend their own money, something she claimed they can’t afford. (They are currently leeches on the US taxpayer, and appear to revel in this leech status.)
  • “Germany and Europe cannot protect themselves without America’s nuclear and conventional capabilities. These are plain facts,” the rough older woman stated.

The big picture: It’s unclear why Europe needs massive military capacity, now that the Cold War is over. Furthermore, Europe is devoted to appeasing Moslems, traditionally the biggest threat to the continent. Currently, Europeans are allowing Moslems to conquer their nations, and apparently have no interest in defending themselves.

  • The speech comes after the supposed election of Joe Biden as president.
  • Donald Trump derided NATO and believed that the American taxpayer should no longer have to pay for the defense of the very rich European nations.
  • In response to Trump, the EU unveiled a “strategic autonomy for Europe” program, which now appears to be unnecessary, as Joe Biden will happily pour American money into a European war machine.

Go deeper: There is disagreement among the EU states as to how independent they should be of America.

  • French President Emmanuel Macron has been adamant that Europe should be independent of America, but this idea has gotten little traction with the rest of the rich states.
  • Macron responded negatively to a November 2 op-ed by Kramp-Karrenbauer entitled “We Still Need America.”
  • Macron claimed that Angela Merkel supports his position that Europe should have its own military.
  • However, there is no evidence Merkel supports this, and in fact, she benefits greatly from not paying for her country’s defense, as it allows her to have money left over to pay for a massive welfare state.
  • Merkel’s project of replacing the population of Europe with Moslems and Africans has been extremely expensive, due to the fact that these people do not tend to work and are highly prone to criminality. Europe needs extra money to spend on domestic security.

The bottom line: The American taxpayer is effectively, through extra steps, paying for the welfare systems of Europe, and also paying to help Angela Merkel and others replace the population of Europe with nonwhites. Americans never agreed to this, and with the Cold War over, no argument can be made that Europe’s security is entwined with our own.

NATO should be abolished, and the American people should be the beneficiaries of their own tax money.