Ilhan Omar was Caught Engineering the Largest Scale Election Fraud in History and William Barr Will Do Nothing

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released a video demonstrating that Minnesota Congressperson Ilhan Omar has been engaging in absolute election fraud, using her large Somalian countrymen to run a gang system in the state.

You should watch the video. O’Keefe lays the whole thing out in extreme detail, through a series of interviews, secret and frank, with Somalians. Basically, Omar runs a Somalian gang that goes around and either buys ballots or just takes them, and they fill them out. It’s a total ethnic mafia operation, and they are apparently running the entire city of Minneapolis.

This is the most absurd, embarrassing disaster I have ever seen in my entire life. Imagine our ancestors seeing this. The sickening Swedes of Minnesota have allowed a Somalian clan to take over their capital city.

Frankly, the Swedes are more responsible than the Somalians. The Somalians are just literally a gang that came from Africa and is running a gigantic scam to conquer territory right in front of these Swedes, and the Swedes are simple cowards who would rather be party to the total destruction of America, the undermining of all of the things that our ancestors gifted us, in order to avoid being called “racist.”

We can say that there is a Based Somalian Guy, who deserves credit. But in fact, as I am able to understand what is happening in this video, the reason he is tattling on Ilhan and her clan is that he is from a rival clan. He’s probably got a blood debt going back generations, some hard shit that happened in the old country.

Probably, Ilhan’s grandfather cut out his grandfather’s heart with a machete and ate it. (I’m only half joking – what is going on here is almost certainly along those exact lines.)

O’Keefe says that it “might be one of the biggest voter fraud schemes in history,” but 60 seconds into the video, you can be sure, as an absolute fact, that this is the single biggest voter fraud conspiracy in American history.

At the end of the video, O’Keefe asks what William Barr is going to do about this.

William Barr is going to do nothing.

I will just go ahead and tell you: as an absolute matter of total fact, which you can bet the farm and all of the cows on: Attorney General William Barr is going to do nothing about this.

If he comments about it, it will be on a show on Fox News, where he will say, “oh yes, this is very bad, just terrible. The Democrats think this is good, but I think it is very bad. They shouldn’t be allowed to do things like this, and eventually, someone is going to have to do something, and they will face consequences. We can’t have a situation where in the 21st century, Somalian gangs are still fixing elections like this, so sometime within the next 1,000 years, you can be certain, someone is going to have to for sure do something about it. And I’ll be frank with you, I think it is going to happen in the next 700 years, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Democrats see justice for having engaged in this type of behavior in the next 680 years.”

The Fox News host, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin, will tell him he’s a great American and Trump is lucky to have such a patriot in his corner – a man who is brave enough to stand up to the Democrats and say that the biggest voter fraud scandal in American history is truly unfortunate.

What Ilhan Omar did should get her put in prison for decades. If this were actually to be exposed, people would be stripping citizenship from her and the rest of these savages, and deporting them when they get out of prison.

But here’s the kicker: If charges were pressed, it would expose the entire Democrat conspiracy to steal the election through mail-in voting. 

This is a gift on a silver platter, which would totally nullify the upcoming conspiracy to steal the election. William Barr has total authority and absolute responsibility to immediately open a case against her and frankly, he should have been able to announce specific charges by now. The O’Keefe video was released 18 hours ago.

Fox News will not press him to do anything. They will not even tell their viewers that the Attorney General has the power to press charges. That is what they do, every time – they act like no one can stop these Democrats, in order to cover the fact that the Republican power structure absolutely could stop them and will not. 

William Barr has done more to hurt Donald Trump than all of the Democrats in every combined multiverse of the infinite dimensions of reality could ever hope to do. And the average Republican thinks he’s a hero, because he went on TV and said that Donald Trump isn’t a Russian spy.

All of the conservative media will go out there and report on O’Keefe’s video, and they will just say, “these gosh-darn Democrats, oh shucks.”

Not one person on Fox News will demand that Barr either press charges against these people or resign.

I will remain the single person in this country saying that William Barr has the absolute authority to fix all of this.

At this point, I don’t even have any hope that Tucker will do it.

I’ve been calling on Tucker to call for Barr’s resignation for months, and if he was waiting for the right time, then this is it.

Literally, this entire conspiracy – the whole of the coup that the Democrats are planning, using these mail-in ballots – could be completely squashed if Barr were to open this up.

That is to say: the election itself would no longer be contested. Trump would win on election night, and that would be the end of it. We could all then move on to the next stage of our lives. 

I hope I am wrong, of course. I hope Barr comes out today and says, “I’m here today to announce charges against Congressman Ilhan Omar, and her co-conspirators, [list of Somalian names].”

You all know that I am right. You know it. Everyone knows it. If Ilhan Omar, this famous darling of the Democrats, was caught engaging in the biggest election fraud scheme in history using mail-in ballots, Trump would be justified in his claims of fraud, and the federal government could move to require that people vote in person in the November election, because the Justice Department would be in the midst of investigating the biggest election fraud scheme in American history, and we simply could not trust the mail-in system.

Even if some of the states claimed they were still going to continue with their mail-in scheme, no one would take any of it seriously after Ilhan Omar was dragged across the television in handcuffs and the Justice Department announced that the entire infrastructure of the election had been compromised.

But none of it actually means anything, because Attorney General William Barr isn’t going to do shit.

I just want to say to Tucker, directly: if you had called out Barr when I asked you to, you could have stopped this. Maybe you would have gotten fired from Fox and not stopped it. But the chance existed that Trump could have listened to you, fired Barr, and replaced him with someone who would have pressed charges in this case.

You have a responsibility, Tucker: you are the only one of us with a direct line to the president. He watches your show every night. If he was reading my website every night, he would have fired Barr, because he would have understood that this man is not simply bad news, he is actually and demonstrably part of a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the President of the United States.

This is now on you. I told you to act. You didn’t.