Ilhan Omar Takes on a Jew to Teach Her Not to Hurt Jew Feelings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

So it seems that Ilhan Omar has hired a team of Jews to deal with the ostensible PR crisis revolving around the fact that she said that AIPAC – a Jewish lobbying group – is a group that lobbies for Jews.


Almost as soon as a conference call started between Ilhan Omar, the controversial congresswoman, and Jewish community leaders, Hadar Susskind recognized a familiar voice.

“I know there are a lot of people who in the last weeks have expressed support in trying to say this isn’t antisemitic or this shouldn’t be looked at in that way,” Omar said in the Feb. 19 call, which came after the freshman Minnesota Democrat had said that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee bought lawmakers’ loyalty with campaign contributions.

Those people, purportedly defending her, were not helping, Omar said.

“I do not want to give space or energy to anyone who wants to minimize the hurt,” she said.

The words — and the voice — were Omar’s, and she seemed sincere, said Susskind, a longtime leader of mainstream and progressive Jewish groups. But Susskind knew right away that the tone belonged to Omar’s communications director, Jeremy Slevin.

“That’s the nuance and the voice he brings in, getting past the zero-sum game of ‘I’m right and you’re wrong,’ and actually building community and getting people to work together,” Susskind said.

Slevin’s interlocutors and former colleagues describe a youthful, soft-spoken aide whose anti-poverty activism is rooted in his Jewish upbringing. He has been key in trying to stem the tide of rancor stirred by Omar’s statements, which are seen as playing into anti-Semitic stereotypes.

In addition to her AIPAC tweet, seen as affirming slanders about Jews and control, she has said that she feels pressure to pledge “allegiance” to Israel, which to many invoked the dual loyalty slander. In 2012, she accused Israel of “hypnotizing” the world. (She apologized for that tweet, but has not apologized for the “allegiance” claim.)

“No politician runs to get into trouble,” Keith Ellison, the former congressman who also employed Slevin as a communications director, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “You run to do some good in the world. When that goes awry, you need someone to help you. That’s Jeremy.”

Yeah, Keith Ellison – a Basketball American convert to Islam – brought in this same Jew to fix his “anti-Semitic” issues.

He did totally sell-out on everything.

Ellison said Slevin’s strength was in getting to the essence of a politician, not trying to re-create her, and then shaping her message in a way that will get people to pay attention rather than react in anger.

“Some want to remake their candidate. His thing is ‘where are you at really? Let’s find that kernel of truth and shape it,’” said Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress when he won in 2006.

The kernel of truth is that these rat kikes are a virus that eats out anywhere they inhabit from the inside.

This is known.

I know this. Ilhan knows this.

He retired last year from the Congress to make a run, ultimately successful, for the Minnesota attorney general’s post. Omar is his successor in the state’s Minneapolis area 5th District.

Ellison as a congressman worked well with his Jewish constituents. The relationship between Omar and her Jewish constituents is more tense, and Slevin, as a Washington hire, does not deal with that sphere. Omar, a Somali refugee, is one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress.

Slevin, who declined a request for an interview, earned instant social media infamy last week, however, not by tamping down Omar’s confrontational demeanor but by seeming to embrace it.

Watching speaker after speaker at last week’s AIPAC conference make Omar the poster girl for antisemitism, he let loose on Twitter.

Slevin repeated the phrase “Antisemitism is a right-wing force” until his 280 characters ran out. Jewish Twitter wasn’t having it, and hundreds responded that he had his facts wrong.


But if only.

In actual reality, there are more Moslems and even blacks that are aware of the Jewish problem than right-wing whites, and AIPAC proved that. Mike Pence sucked the kikes as hard as any kikesucker has ever sucked. Trump is the biggest kikesucking president in the history of America.

And the same right-wingers who support Trump anti-immigration agenda appear to pretty much all love his kikesucking.

“If you’d ever like to hear about my experiences with Antisemitism on the left **in this country**, Jeremy, I’d be happy to talk,” said Laura Moser, who ran as a progressive last year in a Houston-area primary. (She was defeated.) “In the meantime, you should rethink this terrible, terrible tweet.”

What happened next comported more with the Slevin described by Susskind, Ellison and others close to him: He accepted the criticism from Jewish organizational leaders and progressive Jews who said that antisemitism on the left was indeed a problem, and reached out privately to some of them.

Ninety minutes after posting her response, Moser posted: “Wow — am really impressed that @jeremyslevin actually *did* reach out to me. We had a great conversation about the trans-partisan nature of antisemitism and the danger of assuming that people with otherwise good progressive politics are exempt.”

You were surprised that another Jew reached out to you, a Jew, to talk about what was best for the tribe?

I do not believe this was surprising to you.

Slevin, replying to his critics on Twitter, said his tweet was poorly phrased.

“I should have said ‘Violent antisemitism in the U.S. is primarily a right-wing force,’” he told Adam Serwer, a Jewish writer for The Atlantic.

Violent anti-Semitism doesn’t really even exist. Except for that Pittsburgh thing. And yeah, that was right wing.

If any other anti-Semitic violence exists, however, it is Orthodox Jews in NYC getting beat up by black people and Moslems. I don’t know that this is “left-wing,” but it definitely isn’t “right-wing.”

Partisan blame for anti-Semitism, however, wasn’t just a Twitter distraction. It has become a central argument in Jewish and pro-Israel politics.

Last week numerous speakers at the AIPAC conference denounced antisemitism, mentioning Omar’s tweets as well as the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre in October. But only Democratic lawmakers, like Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., noted that the alleged killer of 11 Jewish worshippers embraced an ideology particular to the far right.

I’ve gone and looked at that guy’s Gab, and he seemed to just be a sperg.

I think he had a point, what with regards to the Jews pushing for mass brown immigration – a point that the Jews openly admit – but he was clearly a lonely, disenfranchised individual dealing with personal issues.

Comparing that incident to the Brenton Tarrant Kebab Removal Extravaganza, it is very clear that the Pittsburgh shooter was acting mainly out of impotent rage, rather than any kind of political agenda. It was totally a “FUCK THESE PEOPLE I’LL KILL THEM” event, rather than legitimate political terrorism, as anyone can note from the fact that he just killed a bunch of random old Jews.

But yeah, he was right-wing.

Others, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, focused mostly on Omar in denouncing antisemitism. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., the minority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, linked Omar’s statements and the Pittsburgh massacre.

That prompted a Twitter thread by Omar in which she chided the Israel lobby and its speakers for ignoring antisemitism on the right, followed by Slevin’s tweet.

Slevin has plumbed his Jewish past in helping Omar understand how the phrases she used in criticizing Israel are hurtful. His voice, friends say, is evident in a Washington Post op-ed published last month in which Omar emphasized her support for a two-state solution, noting that Israel and the West Bank are the “historical homeland” of both Jews and Palestinians.

“She obviously cares about Israel and Palestine,” Susskind said of Omar, “but that’s not why she got elected, and she cares really deeply about poverty issues, racial justice issues, her life experience and gender equity — I can’t imagine she and Jeremy want to spend all their time talking about Israel or Islamophobia.”

Slevin, 31, is a Maryland native who graduated with a degree in political science from Washington University in St. Louis.

The ages of these Jews are always shocking.

But they shouldn’t be.

The fact is that Jewish cultural norms are to encourage young people to be successful, while modern white cultural norms – given to us BY THE SAME JEWS – are for young people to smoke weed and “explore themselves,” maybe get a liberal arts degree while they’re “finding out who they are.”

And of course, who created the need to “find out who you are”? Well, it was the people who told you white people don’t exist but are simultaneously pure evil and the only way you can have an identity is to forge some kind of individual “personal identity” from bits of Jewish-created pop culture.

From 2013 to 2018, between working for Ellison and Omar, he was a journalist at MSNBC before working on poverty issues at the Center for American Progress, the liberal think tank. Rebecca Vallas, who directs the center’s anti-poverty program, called him “tireless.” She said he worked on defending Obamacare and against President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, and “helped to launch CAP’s Hands Off campaign, which brings together over 30 organizations across the progressive community to protect vital programs that help families afford the basics.”

And so yeah, that goes on, just a glowing review of this Jew’s skills and how he is going to manipulate Ilhan into being a shill for the Jews, so Jews should stop worrying about her.

Of course, the Jews are the reason we have Somalians in Minnesota (and OHIO), and they brought them here to displace and harm white people, which is Ilhan’s mission in Congress.

She went off script with the Jew stuff, but they’re trying to get her back in line.

Honestly, I don’t think she’s going to get back in line.

I think she is just doing a fakeout, going along with these people for the time being, and she will come back hard.

Somalians – and this may surprise you – are not sophisticated people. So when the Jews come in and start talking about hurt feelings and making sure to be sensitive and so on, the Somalian just thinks “ah, more Jewish tricks – what a surprise.”

She’s not going to be able to process the complexity of the Jewing they are trying to serve her, and will just nod her head and go along with this due to the threats from the higher ups (she’s already been hit with a campaign finance scandal), and then spring it on them again later.

Either way, she’s not going to have a second term.

Because one thing is for certain: if you say Jews are too powerful, a very powerful force will emerge to completely destroy you.

Funny how that works.

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