Ilhan Omar Says America is Not Going to be the Country of White People

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

After whites created America and invited in browns to enjoy the good life, they are told that the country they made is not going to be theirs anymore.


Black Lives Matter and other anti-Trump groups held a rally on the grounds of the Capitol on Tuesday to call for President Donald Trump to be censured for what he said about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) controversial statement that “somebody did something” on 9-11.

Omar spoke at the event in praise of her homeland of Somalia and said the president and his Party are responsible for recent attacks on synagogues and mosques.

Omar said she is criticized because she is a Muslim woman.

“I also happen to be a refugee and immigrant from what they call one of the shithole countries,” Omar said, mocking the president for his alleged comments about war-torn countries like Somalia that drive their people out.

Omar was not as complimentary of the United States.

This is not going to be the country of the xenophobics,” Omar said. “This is not going to be the country of white people.”

This is not going to be the country of the few,” Omar said. “This is the country of the many.”

This is the country that was founded on the history of Native American genocide, on the backs of black slaves but also by immigrants,” Omar said.

This is indeed the country of the many now. It wasn’t always like that, and it won’t always be like that, but America today is not really the country of white people anymore.

I don’t know what Omar thinks defines America as a country of whites, but America is definitely not the property of whites. It’s been taken from us.

If it were a country of white people:

  • We would be able to prevent our borders from being raped
  • We would all live in safe neighborhoods full of non-violent people
  • We wouldn’t need to hear our guests telling us that our country is not really our country
  • Beasts would not be performing sexual acts on our women
  • The government would be working for the good of whites
  • We wouldn’t be wasting money on international “aid” for subhuman countries
  • Our people and our interests would come first
  • Jews wouldn’t be running our government, media, academia and public discourse
  • Israel wouldn’t even be mentioned anywhere
  • Israel would probably not even exist
  • Niggers would remain in their own neighborhoods

What we have instead is pretty much the opposite, but we’re still told that we’re evil and that the fruit of our labor will — and should — be taken away from us. It’s kind of a large-scale gaslighting operation targeting white people.

This whole “America was founded by immigrants therefore immigrants are good but whites are the wrong kind of immigrants so we’re going to exclude them” thing is schizophrenic.

If whites are so bad, why did Omar come to one of the countries we made? Why do people that hate us come to our countries?

Saying that that’s the only choice they had because of colonialism, slavery or whatever (and that that somehow means that white countries are the only decent countries) is not a valid excuse. They could have just tried to force their way into functional non-white countries like China or Japan.

If we’re evil, why come and suffer in our countries?

Could it be that all of these “migrants” are so eager and desperate to come to our countries not because we’re evil but because we’re too good?

Could it be that all of them are coming here because we’re very nice people that don’t really like to see anyone suffering, so they exploit that weak spot of ours in order to gain free stuff at our expense?