Iggy Azelea’s Fake Ass is the Most Disgusting Thing Yet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2017

I’ve given my opinion on breast-implants before. Though I understand that it is unfortunate that some women are born with breasts too small for their bodies, and I understand that this can be an issue of self-esteem, I do not approve, mainly based on the fact that it destroys the ability to breastfeed, which is one of the only reasons a woman exists in the first place.

I have also noted that modern padded bras make it very simple to give the same effect as breast implants without destroying your ability to produce milk.

But the phenomenon of fake asses is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever run across in my life.

Firstly, it looks disgusting.

Secondly, the buttocks is made of muscles, which one can increase the size of purposefully through exercise. So a fake ass is not simply a sign of decadence and depravity, but also laziness.

Iggy Azelea’s fake ass is the most disgusting thing yet.

It is also absurd.

Women are Fat and Disgusting

Women in the West are encouraged to be lazy slobs, or at best be anorexic skeletons. This has led to confusion among men, leading them to believe that when I call fat women fat, I am speaking in support of some kind of “heroin chic” look.

I am not and would not support anorexia, which is almost as disgusting as obesity, and is at least as much a result of a lack of self-esteem and self-control.

The ideal woman is a tennis player or a gymnast. These women stay slim, but also firm, with highly grabbable/slappable asses.

Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva

The ideal woman’s form is not the fat slob or the anorexic sicko, but the third way: the healthy athletic female who cares about her own appearance, which is the way she presents herself to the world.

Even with extremely flat chests, such women can remain attractive, due to their healthy vigorousness, which, along with keeping their asses slappable/grabbable, lights up their faces with a radiant glow – even without makeup.

Polish tennis player Katarzyna Piter

This is of course how all women’s bodies would look in a previous age, when physical activity was required for survival, and so it is natural that we are attracted to it the most.

Silicon and other grossness is the realm of the pure pervert.

What’s more, while most women peak at 16 and it’s all downhill from there, a woman who chooses the third way – the path of health, fitness and vitality – will remain attractive well into her 30s.

So I want it to be 100% clear that when I condemn slovenly, fat women such as Lauren Southern, I am not in any way suggesting that I support anorexia or thinness of any kind. And yes – of course Lauren Southern is fat.

Please compare her fat slob gut:

To the toned, attractive abdomen of Katarzyna:

You people who defend Southern and say she isn’t fat are like suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or something. Of course she is fat, she is obviously fat, and no, pointing out that she is fat doesn’t mean I find anorexia attractive – I find healthy women attractive!

This mindset of “fat or anorexic” is bizarre to me.

I support thick, healthy women and believe that women – just as men, but even more so than men – have a duty to present themselves to society in a way that is attractive, polite and pleasant, rather than disgusting, rude and unbearable.

I personally work hard to maintain a healthy physical form to present to the world – I could never imagine walking around with a gut like Southern’s. So why should we give women a pass on this, by saying things like “Lauren Southern isn’t fat,” unless we are simply going along with the feminist agenda of “women never deserve to hold any responsibilities in life, under any circumstances”?