If You Were Unfazed Watching Brenton Tarrant Take Revenge, You’re Not Evil – You’re Normal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2019

I don’t endorse terrorism. And so on.

People destroy their lives doing such things. What’s worse, most people are a lot stupider than Brenton Tarrant, and would have talked about this online beforehand, and gotten a whole bunch of other people in trouble for it.

That said, I would absolutely be lying to you if I said I didn’t enjoy watching yesterday’s events in Christchurch.

I found it to be both funny and satisfying to watch all of those hajis dropping. I especially found it hilarious when that woman was yelling “help me help me” and he shot her.

This was simply my immediate emotional reaction which I’m describing. Having spent some time thinking about it, my opinion is that this is the correct emotional reaction, and that there is nothing wrong with me for feeling this way.

We have been watching these hajis kill our people on an almost weekly basis for a decade now, and the idea of having sympathy for them is actually sick and wrong, and presumably a sign of some kind of mental illness. When I see people talking about this as a “horrible tragedy,” I automatically assume they are either lying or they have something terribly wrong with them.

How could you possibly have sympathy for these people, after all they’ve done to us?

And this reaction is literally “normal.”

I spent a whole lot of time reading comments on Breitbart, and all of the boomers there were saying Moslems deserve it, and some were even going so far as to call for more of these types of events (which is a lot further than I would ever go).

I posted some of the comments yesterday.

They were doing mass deletions.

Now everyone is complaining they’re being censored.

Breitbart is doing damage control now, has buried all of the original articles, and is claiming Brenton was… some kind of agent of the communist Chinese.

But there is nothing that can be done now.

Across the board, white people liked seeing a white man take revenge on the people who have been slaughtering us.

And the idea that the media is coming out and lecturing white people about this is just going to make it that much worse.

They never lecture Moslems about how they’re evil for doing these nonstop attacks on us. Instead, when a Moslem does a terrorist attack, they come out and say that the real victims are the peaceful Moslems.

Are you seeing the media come out and say that the real victims of this are the peaceful white supremacists?

This isn’t some kind of esoteric double-standard. It is a double-standard that they are literally screaming in your face.

The people pushing multiculturalism now have a very serious problem. Because now, normal people are at the point where they are willing to support acts of reverse-terrorism against Moslems. The system has no way to respond to that. The only thing they can do is call you evil.

The SPLC isn’t going to explain why this wasn’t funny.

They aren’t going to try to explain how it is that Moslems didn’t deserve this.

They can only say “pure evil.”


Wars have happened before. And a lot of people died in those wars. People adapted and became desensitized to death, because it was necessary to do so. We have already watched so many white people die at the hands of Moslems that we are already fully desensitized to death.

What the Jews have done with multiculturalism is create a war type situation in Western countries. And attempting to manage that is becoming increasingly difficult. The victims of this program are not “being radicalized,” they are taking on radical positions because they are under a constant attack.

I guarantee you that those people in the Breitbart comments section calling for more of these events have never been to the Daily Stormer. They are just normal boomers, who are no longer willing to buy into the idea that we deserve to be slaughtered.

The long-term effects of the Christchurch incident could be monumental.

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