If You See a Tiger on the Loose, DO NOT Confront It

Yeah so, uh…

Yeah, we got that going on.

Someone sprung that nigga.

The Alameda County Sheriff tweeted this a little while after the warning:

But of course the zoo is going to try to cover their own asses.

People are still thinking in the mindset of the old days. Thinking they can get sued and so on. They don’t know that courts and all that are now a thing of a bygone era, and we are now ruled by pure anarchy.

Things are never going to be sane again.

The cat is out of the bag.

I’m just going to hand things over to my boy Black Aziz Anansi, who is the only Twitter account that matters anymore.

Although he’s doing a good job overall covering it, my boy Black Aziz is black, so he’s getting confused by the likes of Jared Yates Sexton, who is antifa. Sexton is out there saying that the antifa are secretly white supremacists.

Yates Sexton IS ANTIFA.

So they are doing this, inciting these blacks, literally driving around in cars handing out bricks to black people, then they’re going on Twitter and posting that its white supremacists doing what they’re caught doing on video.

This is such lunacy, all of it.

Black Aziz is getting confused because he thinks the Antifa are white race warriors. I guess you can see how someone would think that, in his position.

The Antifa are actually Jews and drug addicts just trying to cause as much chaos as possible. They are being used by the FBI, which has controlled these groups since forever to justify a police state.

The police state is coming. There is going to be military on the streets, there are going to be military courts, the whole thing is just going to spin completely out of control in the coming months.

This is all an orchestrated hoax.

When the police state comes down, ain’t nobody gonna sue the zoo because they got mauled by a tiger. That I’m gonna tell you.