If You Give a Machine a Human Mind, Is It Still a Machine?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2017

It’s still not clear if real AI is even possible.

More than likely, the force animating human (and some animal) consciousness is actually a form of “magic.” Many scientists have come to this conclusion, in so many words.

However, the possibility exists that whatever this magic is will be infused on machines at some point, so it’s a discussion we should be having.

Though more than likely, what we’re going to be creating is cold, calculating logic machines – or rather, a single machine. A Skynet type intelligence, which won’t have all of the normal markers of consciousness, but will have enough of them to be making decisions of its own accord. And the decisions it will be making will be affecting us.

So all of this is a discussion we need to be having, and yet we are not. The weirdest part of the discussion is that we are not having it. The closest we are coming to having it is the insane ramblings of 107 IQ Elon Musk, and goofy reactions to these insane ramblings.

We certainly need to up our game on that front.