If You Don’t Get Off Discord, You’re an Idiot

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2018

So Anglin wrote about this a couple weeks back and it’s still important.

Get the fuck off Discord you dumb ass. Discord is selling user data to the (((SPLC))). All of it. Everything.

There are entire groups dedicated to doxing our guys from this platform, at least one of which is mentioned in this video.

There are a lot of other alternatives to Discord for organizing stuff which you can use. Look into them. Anglin has suggested Telegram because you can use a secret chat (mobile only) to send encrypted p2p stuff with one other guy. Group chat isn’t that secure but it’s good enough for things that aren’t related to any personal information.

Maybe Telegram will respond to a subpoena, but they’re not just selling the shit in real time to the fucking (((SPLC))).

Look around you – every dox is due to “leaked chat log” – and it’s always the same fucking app.

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