If You Don’t Feel Like You’re Going Insane Right Now, You’ve Already Gone Insane

Buckle up.

The coronavirus hoax was the most insane thing that had ever happened in all of human history.

What is clear now, however, is that this black thing is much crazier. By an order of magnitude, at least. It’s almost impossible to even wrap your head around what is going on here, and I think that is why it is working: no one knows what is going on, they’re just going along with it because they don’t know what else to do.

People have been trained in a Pavlovian way to respond to this “racism” stuff. It’s been going on for decades. All that programming is now being put to maximum use, and I just don’t think there’s any point at which some of these people, in particular the women, are going to say no to any of it.

The men are going to be much more prone to going along with it if they’ve been forced to kneel even once, because otherwise they’ll be forced to admit that they were totally castrated, and forced to literally bow down before a violent mob of rioting jungle savages. If they just go all in after kneeling, then they can pretend they kept their dignity.

For a man, being forced to bow like this for anyone – other than your God or your King – is the equivalent of being sodomized. That isn’t a joke. If a man is sodomized, even if he is well into adulthood, it can cause long-lasting trauma, as he has been completely physically dominated. Sodomization is the ultimate act of humiliation, which is why certain races, in particular the Islamic races, do it to men. I actually think the kneeling is worse than being sodomized, and would be harder to get over if you’ve done it and then realize what you’ve done. Because with sodomy, you can ultimately work it out that the man overpowered you, and there was really nothing you could do, and that will allow you the ability to make peace with the event in your own mind. But with kneeling down, you’ve voluntarily submitted your body to someone else, pledged allegiance to them, as if they are a god.

Last week, an NYPD officer said that he was in a situation where the mob wanted him to kneel, and he was afraid his squad would get jumped if they didn’t – a literal threat of violence if he didn’t bow down to his gods, the blacks. So he knelt. He said he is now suffering from severe guilt and psychological trauma, he can’t eat or sleep, and considered resigning from the force. Exactly the kind of reaction a man would have after having been sodomized.

I have said from the beginning: no matter what, do not do it. If your work tries to make you, simply say “I only kneel before God.” That will cause you problems, but it is the best way out – and it’s also true, or should be. If you know you’re going to get fired for refusing to kneel, then ask yourself: would you take it up the ass to keep your job? Think about it. Because if you do this, you are giving up a part of yourself that you will never be able to get back. Tucker Carlson said something similar to this at the end of his 25-minute BLM dissertation last week.

Your dignity matters, your honor matters. You are a man, created in the image of God, and you have an eternal soul. There is more to this than what you can see.

The face masks and the social distancing had nothing to do with the virus. We know that now. This was behavioral training that they had worked out through some kind of social simulation program. The same is true with the kneeling: this has nothing to do with the blacks. Think about it: does it make sense to kneel down before black people? Even assuming you did something to them – which you haven’t, none of us have, and most of our ancestors didn’t either – does it make sense to kneel before them?

Think about the worst possible situation of making an act of contrition. You can think of various examples, but the one that immediately comes to mind is apologizing to the family of a person you murdered in court before sentencing. Have you ever seen someone in that position kneel down before the person they are seeking forgiveness from? Can you even imagine something like that happening?

No, you can’t, because it doesn’t make any sense. None of this stuff that is going on makes any sense.

The only reason you would make people kneel before blacks is that you are psychologically breaking them. That is the reason. There is no other possible reason. This is all a part of a pre-planned simulation, to transform the entire world, as part of a bigger plan that we do not fully understand yet.

Over the weekend, thousands of people marched in Zurich, Switzerland, because they want justice for George Floyd.

If you are looking at all of this and feeling like you’re going insane, then congratulations: you are sane.

If you don’t feel like you’re going insane, then I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you’ve already gone insane.

None of this makes any sense at all, and yet it is all so very severe. The reason for that is that this has nothing to do with what they are telling you. The reasons that all of this is happening are completely unrelated to the supposed events.

I do not know what the long term agenda here is, but I know that all of this was planned out before anyone ever heard of coronavirus, and I know that the entire population is being put through a rapid series of behaviorist programming techniques designed to produce a human being who is willing to go along with anything.

This becomes terrifying, because I thought 2019 human beings were ready to go along with just about anything. But no. They have to trick you into going along with the coronavirus, causing a state of confusion and dissociation, then rapidly move you into this thing with the blacks, and when you’re confused and desperate and scared, they get you to kneel, to join a massive mob of people spouting completely nonsensical gibberish about how blacks are being mistreated in some systematic way, telling you you are personally responsible for it, that you have to feel guilt, that you have to surrender your volition to this ideological program which does not make any coherent sense if taken at face value.

They are claiming they are “abolishing the police,” which makes no sense on the face of it. No one thinks that makes any sense, everyone is simply dumbfounded by the fact that the media and the Democrat politicians are all saying, in unison, that they want to abolish the police. The people have been psychologically softened by this virus hoax, they are incapable of really grounding themselves, and all the authorities, who couldn’t all be wrong, are saying the same thing. It causes a glitch in people’s brains.

With “abolish the police,” we can actually see what they want – it’s not a mystery. They want to replace the cops with “social workers.” These will of course be activists. In fact – and we all sort of felt this, down in our lizard brain, I believe – they are going to let the Antifa, most of whom have some form of “social sciences” degree, take these positions. Then, of course, they will say, “oh, well, yes, they’re different than cops but yes, some of them will carry firearms…” This is going to be an absolute nightmare, like nothing you can even imagine (which is why I keep telling the slow retards to quit spreading this “I’m going to punish Trump as a person by not voting” crap). It is going to be the NKVD with access to the entire NSA spying apparatus. A lot of the cops are still right-wing, even though a lot of them are cucks or cowards. This is a full takeover of the cops, they’re just going to replace them with their own brutal ideological footsoldiers. It will be the worst police state imaginable, but they will just call it a “social worker state.”

I lay that all out because this is something we can see clearly. We can see how what they’re saying is a lie to cover up another agenda. When you understand the actual plan, it doesn’t sound so insane anymore. That is the case with all of this stuff, the bigger picture itself – but we can’t see the bigger picture yet. So it all still feels completely insane. But I promise you, it is not insane. There is a plan here. Soon, we are going to find out what that plan is.

Just keep a level head. Keep it together. Don’t lose your mind. Don’t surrender to the mob. If your friends are pressuring you to celebrate the blacks, simply say you’re a Christian and you feel like this is idolatry. Do not crack. Hold together. We’re going to make it through this. I’m going to do my best to figure out what is going on. I read everything and I process it, so I can report it to you.

I thought coronavirus was the extent of this. I thought they would use these vaccine certificates to implement a computer chip system, and that it would be a traditional police state. This situation with the black lives hoax makes things more complicated than I initially thought, but it also makes them make more sense. Using the traditional cops for an Orwellian or Alex Jonesian type police state didn’t really fit, did it? Well, this fits. The virus mania will play a big part in the coming new regime, and these social workers that are going to replace the cops will be virus police and the morality police.

Understand: this is happening now. The Minneapolis city council already voted to abolish the police, so they will be the first city to roll out this new system of social workers. Trump can’t do anything to stop cities from implementing this. However, if the Democrats win, this is probably going to be implemented at the national level.

These are going to be extremely tough times we’re facing here, and the number one thing I can recommend is that you get right with God. That is first and foremost. Beyond that, you need to start networking in your community. Seriously. You need a crew, you need to be able to trust people you know in real life. Then you need guns that aren’t connected to paperwork (legal, of course) and bitcoin, stored food if you can, a place outside the city if you can.

If you can, get the hell out of the city. If you’re still working, buy a plot of land and go there on the weekends to get it set up. Your home is going to become a prison, with the most sadistic jailers you can even imagine.

Look: we’re going to make it through this. Well, some of us won’t. I don’t know that I will and you don’t know that you will. But we as a people will. That I can guarantee. And that is how you need to be thinking: that we are a people, united by blood, both that which runs through our veins and that of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Chin up.

Eyes forward.