Women Who Work Sitting Down are More Likely to Develop Diabetes, Says Study

Andrew Anglin and Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

The more you look into women in the workforce, the more reasons you find for them not being in the workforce. This time researchers have discovered that women who work jobs where they have to “use their brains” are significantly more likely to develop diabetes.

At first they are like:

But then they are like:

Our women are ruining themselves by working.

Daily Mail:

It may be the last news that high-flying women want to hear when they are already feeling the pressure.

But mentally tiring work may increase their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A study of more than 70,000 women over 22 years found that they were 21 per cent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes if they found their jobs mentally tiring.

Stress hormones are believed by some experts to make people put on weight around their middle and produce less insulin needed to regulate blood sugar.

Researchers took dietary habits into account, so the results cannot necessarily be explained by comfort eating.

Dr Guy Fagherazzi, who led the study from the INSERM medical research institute in France, said: ‘Although we cannot directly determine what increased diabetes risk, our results indicate it is not due to typical type 2 diabetes risk factors.

‘This finding underscores the importance of considering mental tiredness as a risk factor for diabetes among women.’

I can go ahead and help you out with that direct determination, Dr. Fagherazzi: it isn’t the “brain use” that causes the fatness – it is the sitting nonstop and presumably also the food that working at a corporate job involves.

Traditional female jobs that are not sold as “brain use” jobs, such as waitressing or hooking, involve virtually no sitting.

“Women using their brains” is almost an oxymoron. Women in the corporate workplace are a drain and a plague released upon men in the workplace, and all they do is inhibit male productivity by introducing dramatic, whining chaos. They are really there just to fill quotas mandated by ZOG, and don’t do any actual work. Anyone who has worked with women in a corporate setting knows this to be a fact, no matter how politically liberal they might be.

Women who are over the age of 20 are biologically designed to be taking care of small children. This necessarily means being on their feet most of the time, chasing the little rascals around and keeping them from climbing into fires or accidentally running off cliffs. Children are incredibly stupid beings, and in a natural setting they require constant attention from the mother.

The entire meme of “terrible twos” is that toddlers are filled up with so much energy that they’re running around everywhere like maniacs and the mother has a full-time job chasing them around.

This is a lot different than sitting at a desk eating snacks.

Furthermore, a non-working mother – especially one being instructed by a man – is going to be concerned about what her children are eating and cook good, healthy food for the children, which she will also eat, and thus not get fat.

Whatever women expected to gain by joining the workforce definitely didn’t include diabetes.

What did they expect to gain, though?

Many of them would say “independence” from men, and they’d be wrong, because they definitely depend on their bosses, who are overwhelmingly male.

They just changed their masters. Instead of being their husbands’ wives, they’re now their bosses’ slaves.

The government blurs that out through the welfare state that provides for women even if no man appears to be involved, but it’s just another illusion. Instead of women taking money from men directly, the State takes money from men and gives it to women.

But women still depend on men. If men stopped paying the State, women would stop receiving “aid.” If men stopped hiring women, women would be jobless.

But the “independent women” is just a buzzword and a forced meme – it is emotional rhetoric created by the establishment to justify the situation.

The actual appeal of the workplace to women is the same appeal as the university – they want to be in a social environment, where they buzz around like bees with other women, gossiping and chittering about whatever else it is women chitter about.

Of course, they used to do this same thing while being in the neighborhood as mothers with other mothers – who were not working, and had the single job of making sure children didn’t die. They would bring their children over to each other’s houses, chitter with one another while the kids played. This is the natural state of women, and the workplace has been made to vaguely replicate this environment. And it is presented to young women in school as the only possible outlet for their weird female social organization behavior.

But they have gained nothing by becoming involved in this project. The workplace involves inane chittering, but it doesn’t involve husbands and children, which is the actual mechanism of fulfillment and contentment among the female species.

The only thing they’ve gained is unhappiness and despair.

Everywhere you look, there’s women complaining about men and putting their misery on display.

We’ve given them everything they asked for and they’re angrier than ever, and we’ve given them everything they asked for because we’ve been tricked into it by the Jews.

But now we know better.

Now we know that women are mentally equivalent to toddlers and that what they say they want is not what’s best for them. They don’t have the capacity to realize what’s best for them. Just as with toddlers and their whims, we have to step up and guide them.

We have to make all decisions for them.

If we don’t take over their bodies, they’ll destroy civilization.

They have no autonomy. Their bodies are already under the control of the Jews, so we’d just be kicking the hand-rubbers out and taking back control of what’s ours.

While we do have to gas the kikes, remember that we also have to start building cages to cage all of these wombs.