If There’s Any Confusion as to Why I Support a ZOG Defeat in Afghanistan, I Don’t Understand It

I have said clearly that I believe the defeat of the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) in Afghanistan, and the full surrender of the ZOG military to a band of brave boys from the caves, is the best thing that has happened on earth in decades.

I do not think I am required to explain why I celebrate the end of this war. It is self-evident.

What we are seeing is the beginning of the end of the US Evil Empire. The people who surrendered in Afghanistan are the same people who are trying to force vaxx you, the same people trying to manipulate your sons into becoming trannies. The occupation of Afghanistan was a Jewish mission.

The victory of the Taliban is a victory for all people who want to be free of this brutal system of Judaism, homosexualism, and feminism.

The Taliban is a tribal group of cave people on the other side of the planet, but they won. They beat the Beast through devotion, through belief in themselves, in an objective truth and an objective moral order to the universe, and the traditions of their people.

A muddle-brained individual on the Gamer Uprising forum challenged me on this, but was not able to come up with anything more than snark. Even when confronted, he could not formulate an explanation as to why he supports the ZOG forces in Afghanistan.

We allow free speech on the Gamer Uprising forum, and I’m always happy when someone disagrees with me.

Here is the full exchange.

People who want to disagree are going to have to bring more than that to the table.

You’re going to have to have some kind of explanation for your emotions, instead of just vomiting up your emotions like a whipped racing horse.

I can’t respond to arguments I don’t understand, but I’ll do my best to lay out a logical reply to potential emotions, generally.

The idea that it is a “tragedy” that the ZOG project in Afghanistan failed is inexplicable to me. I simply do not understand the sentiment. I am generally very good at grasping the reasoning of my opponent, but this – I cannot grasp. If you are against the Taliban winning, then you must have wanted the ZOG to win, which means you are a Jew-lover and an analist.

The entire country of Afghanistan was being flooded with gender theory. That was the mission of the occupation – to destroy the patriarchy and replace it with a vagino-anal regime.

The Mission Failed, Not the Troops

The only tragedy here is what has happened to the US troops who were sent over there under the pretext of taking revenge for 911, and ended up in a boondoggle, fighting for women’s liberation.

For the record, I’ve never been big on the jingoistic drivel about “thank you for your service” and so on, which I believe is pathological. The troops get paid, and they have a higher occupational survival rate than loggers. That said, I have no disrespect, and I certainly don’t blame anyone who signed up to fight a war they didn’t understand based on trumped-up hysteria and psychological warfare. A bunch of the kids I went to school with went to this moronic war. Probably half of my millennial readers are vets, and they donate at a much higher rate than the average reader. So it would be stupid for me to insult them. I haven’t seen one vet complain about any of my coverage of the surrender, and most of them appear to feel the exact same emotion I feel: great relief that this war, which has loomed over us for more than half of our lives, is finally over.

In fact, the vets are the biggest group that’s been calling for an end to this nightmare while a bunch of limp-wristed faggots and Jews in Washington have been using them as a shield for a Jewish global domination agenda.

The mission of “establishing democracy” was not a military mission. This is a social engineering mission, which should have been carried out by social workers and Freudian psychotherapists, after it had been decided that this was the goal. Sending soldiers to enforce feminism on a tribal mountain people is utterly insane.

From the beginning, or at least shortly after the beginning, the rules of engagement and the underlying mission were incomprehensible as a military project. If the white Southern boys who went in there in 2001 would have been told “just kill all the Pashtuns, we’re going to bring a bunch of slant-eyed Tajiks and Uzbeks into Kabul and establish a feminist and gay-anal democracy,” then they would have finished that up in 2 or 3 weeks, and the vaginal buttfest could begin.

But instead, the troops were told to somehow force the Pashtun population to cooperate with a matriarchy and a gay anal overload. (And of course, as a side mission, they were sent to guard the opium fields so that the CIA could flood the streets of America with cheap heroin as part of a project to flush an entire generation of white men down the toilet.)

Just in case you think I’m exaggerating about how central “destruction of the patriarchy” was to the mission in Afghanistan – let me go ahead and post a long Twitter thread with full documentation.

If you already know this or don’t care, you can skip this. I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page as regards the nature of the mission in Afghanistan, before we move on. This thing I keep saying about the goal being matriarchy is simply a statement of absolute and heavily documented fact. Gender theory was the core mission, and establishing a matriarchy in the country was intended to be a model for the establishment of matriarchy across the third world.

That is the mission that failed. The troops didn’t fail.

I am celebrating the failure of that mission, which I believe is sick and evil.

And you will note the very obvious: this is the same mission that the ZOG regime that invaded Afghanistan has been pushing on America and the rest of the White Western World for decades now.

Unless you support this globalist agenda of forcing the entire global population into subservience to women and to the rainbow flag, then it is impossible to do anything other than celebrate the ZOG surrender in Afghanistan.

This entire meme being spread by the Republicans (and the Democrats) that somehow surrendering was “letting the troops down” and “denying their sacrifice” is utterly nonsensical, and anyone who buys that line must have had their brain rotted out by the vaxx. The troops in 2001 signed up out of genuine patriotism and a desire for revenge. After that, they probably just signed up for the money. None of them signed up to enforce a feminist agenda on a bunch of cave-dwelling goat-herders. And yet, that is the mission they were sent on.

Ending this idiotic occupation with a full surrender does not reflect on the troops. The troops were sent into a meat-grinder to fight for gay sex under false pretexts, and it’s sad that thousands of them died and many thousands more had limbs blown off, but the blame for that should be laid directly at the feet of the neocon Jews and their lackeys who came up with the idea to invade Afghanistan in the first place – not on the Taliban who literally did nothing but defend their homes.

As per the point of “oh well, these people are primitive so I hate them so I support endless Jew wars against them” – that moronic reasoning is so primitive that no one using it has any right to call the Taliban primitive. Obviously, the Taliban are primitive – and that simply makes their defeat of the largest military force that has ever existed in history all the more glorious.

The fact that low IQ mountain people can put together a ragtag band that moves like the best trained soldiers on earth, in order to defeat this Beast, using nothing more than antique rifles, Toyota pick-up trucks, and a belief in the natural order, a belief in their tribe and the values of their ancestors, must be an inspiration to anyone who stands opposed to the sickening system of feminism, homosexualism and trannies that the Jews are trying to force on the world.

Finally: in order to feel any regret at all regarding the US surrender in Afghanistan, you would have to on some level sympathize with the ZOG government of this country. I understand that boomers still suffer from Stockholm syndrome as relates to the government, but the basic reality is that this government has not represented us in a very long time, and now it is completely locked down by brutal Jews. The white boys who went over to fight the first phase of this war were effectively press-ganged using psychobabble and emotional blackmail.

I’m not against colonialism or imperialism, and I’m not reflexively against war, if it is for the benefit of the nation. But there is no way you can spin the Afghan war as benefiting anyone other than the Jews, who are attempting to establish a global empire in which all people are forced to bow before the gaping hole of the Sacred Anus.

The only valid reason I could imagine anyone having negative feelings towards the Taliban’s domination of ZOG is pure jealousy and embarrassment – these primitive men wrapped in towels, many of them barefoot, were able to beat back the forces that are oppressing and humiliating us. It is legitimately humiliating that those Taliban boys threw off ZOG like it was nothing, while we’re sitting here tolerating our sons being sent off to be molested by trannies, as women threaten us.

But honestly, anyone who isn’t able to put their embarrassment aside and raise a glass to them boys in the flip-flops might as well be a sobbing Tajiki skank.

For the first time in a very long time, the good guys won.

Before I wrap this up, I just want to note that not everyone on the Gamer Uprising forums is a whining faggot with uncontrollable feminine emotions that force him to snark post. Most of the locals are pretty cool guys.

But before you ask: no, there is no open registration. At this point, open registration is impossible, because the FBI has unlimited resources to flood the place with agents calling for bombings and assassinations.

In actual fact, the way the FBI floods everywhere on the internet where right-wing people are trying to talk with terrorist threats is really just another form of censorship, as it is a way to shut down the public discussion. I would be happy to open up the forum if it wasn’t for this issue. But at this point, the feds have so many resources to hire people to post terroristic threats on right-wing forums that it is not manageable.


Aside from their primitiveness, the Taliban’s values are largely the same as my own: they believe in masculinity, heterosexuality, hierarchy, authority, and law and order. That might sound like it’s saying something, but it really isn’t saying much: because before the Jewish plague spread out across the planet, all people held these same values. People who didn’t hold these values were wiped out. This is the value system of the order of nature, and it exists eternally.

My position is what it has always been as regards third world resistance to ZOG: we should take inspiration from the fact that a group of dudes with very limited resources were able to stare down the Beast and to overcome it.

Some day, brothers, we will do the same.