If There are Lockdown Protests in Your Area, You Need to Go

I want to once again encourage everyone to attend any protests that you might have an opportunity to attend. I don’t want to encourage anyone to do anything which might be illegal under these new laws, so check all of that out first, but as far as I can tell they have not yet declared protests illegal. Just make sure to stand six miles away from every other person, wear a hazmat suit and douse yourself in bleach every 30 seconds.

What is happening right now is the most important event of our lives, and probably the most relevant event in all of recorded history, given that it is the first thing which has affected every single person on earth. It has drastically and virtually instantaneously transformed the face of a global civilization. You need to be there, on the street, with the people. All of you.

It’s obviously too late to do anything about the economy. But right now, we are forming new political alignments.

Previously, our society was talking about:

  1. Immigration
  2. Racial issues
  3. Global warming
  4. Trannies
  5. Female empowerment
  6. Healthcare

Pretty much all of those issues are off the table now.

No immigrants are going to want to come to post-collapse America (or Europe). The identity politics stuff is out the window. No one is going to have the luxury of thinking about the fake global warming crisis in the midst of a real crisis. No one is going to have the luxury of going tranny (and most existing trannies will kill themselves).

Women are going to be begging men to take care of them when the government no longer can, and you’re going to see a major return to traditional gender roles (following the initial wave of divorces, that the government and media will encourage in various ways). Hungry women don’t talk about how they don’t need no man.

As far as healthcare – well, that’s still going to be a topic of debate, but one that takes place along completely different lines. The hospital system has completely collapsed as a result of this lockdown. Not from the virus. From the lockdown. The suspension of all of these elective surgeries and virtually all other non-emergency treatments, to clear hospitals out for coronavirus victims that never showed up outside of New York and New Jersey, has made most of the hospitals financially insolvent. They’re laying off huge numbers of staff.  The government ordered them to do this, so presumably, the government will be obligated to bail them all out, but a lot of this stuff is going to get cut regardless. Whole departments are going to be wiped out.

Furthermore, given that no one has a job, no one is going to be able to afford healthcare. The government is going to have to implement full socialized medicine. It is going to be the most expensive thing that has ever happened, and it is not going to work. At all. So, healthcare might still be on the discussion table, and in fact will be a major topic, but it’s going to be a completely pointless discussion, given that there is only one possible outcome. Private healthcare for anyone other than the elite is gone forever, so all of these retards who called for socialized medicine are going to get their wish fulfilled. We’ll see how that works out.

What I am trying to communicate here is that the old order is completely gone, and everything that it meant to be on any side of any political issue is going to change. Everything, right now, is totally up in the air. Everyone in the country is going to have to completely rethink what matters to them.

I know that my positions on new issues will come naturally, because I know who I am and I know what I believe. I suspect the same is true for most people reading this, as you have to have a significant critical thinking capacity to be able to experience the Daily Stormer. However, this is definitely not the case for the overwhelming majority of people on the planet. The masses of people typically follow leaders and repeat slogans. This is basic human nature. The majority of people will always be followers.

We have an incredible opportunity here. When the world is turned upside down, people are going to be looking for guidance. Right now, during the midst of this, is the perfect time for people who can to establish themselves as anti-lockdown activists. The harsh reality is that Donald Trump and all of Fox News, and Breitbart, and most everyone else on the right, told people the virus was serious business and that they should blame China. It turns out that the virus wasn’t serious business. It was a hoax. The real enemy was the government that collapsed our economy and destroyed all of our lives and our futures on purpose.

Trump has not been as bad as the rest of these bastards, but he has not been good at all. He’s begun shilling the hoax pretty hard. Last week, he inexplicably attacked Sweden for not doing a lockdown.

He even nagged Bill Mitchell over it. The numbers, he says. Implying these statistics are accurate.

He knows the statistics are not accurate. Everyone knows that people are having heart attacks, dying of cancer, whatever, and being listed as having died of the coronavirus. The New York Times itself admitted this, in so many words.

People will still follow Trump, I’m sure. They have no other leader. But their faith is going to be severely shaken. We should also be prepared for him to continue the hardline position on the hoax and possibly even embrace an indefinite lockdown “final solution” to the coronavirus hoax.

The only person who has been alright on the issue is Tucker Carlson, and even he is spewing nonsense about China. It’s hopeful that Tucker will use this event to become a real leader. He’s shown a willingness to push back pretty hard against Trump, which I think he will do if Trump goes full “stay inside until we create a vaccine.” Though to be honest, he hasn’t been looking great. He’s an alcoholic, which isn’t disqualifying, but he also appears to be on pills. He’s been in an ultra-stressful position for a long time, and I hope he holds it together and comes through for us and the country, but I do not think we should count on that.

For what it’s worth, Alex Jones has been largely on point, but as usual has been getting caught in this dumb Chinese nonsense, which destroys his own narrative. Either the virus isn’t a big deal, in which case China is irrelevant, or it’s a Chinese bioweapon. It can’t be both and anyone talking about China is overcomplicating what should be a very clear “us vs. them” narrative.

As far as the rest of the Fox News pundits, Breitbart, YouTubers, etc. – people will reflexively follow them, because they don’t have anyone else to follow. However, there will be a clear opening for someone to stand up and say “these people betrayed you! They told you to cooperate with the lockdown, and where are you now? You lost your job, you lost your house, you’re thinking about where you’re going to get your next meal! They sold you out and they sold out America!”

Desperate people will listen to new ideas. This is real life. It’s coming now.

We’re going to have two clear sides, which will largely fall upon masculine/feminine and Republican/Democrat lines: pro-lockdown and pro-government vs. anti-lockdown and anti-government. The difference is going to be that we’re not going to have these weird issues on the right anymore, where the center-right is attacking the far-right as “too extreme,” which in the scheme of things basically amounts to splitting hairs. Again, so much of this stuff is a luxury of the good times. In tough times, there just isn’t room for moral posturing.

Everyday, I spend every free moment thinking about how I’m going to reshape the narrative on this site. Believe me, there is a reshaping coming. When the entire world changes, I’m not going to remain the same. I’m going to be here for the people. If this was primarily a racist and anti-Semitic gaming website, it is now primarily an anti-lockdown and anti-Semitic gaming website. I’m going to try to keep it as fun as possible of course, but the entire issue of race is going to take a backseat as nonwhites largely move out of white spaces, given that third world countries are going to become more desirable places to live due to the warm weather and the relatively simple food supply chain. The core issue is going to be the government, which is going to be running a brutal police state, controlling a broken and impoverished nation.

We have already seen Elon Musk potentially positioning himself to become an active figure in the new political landscape. I’ve voiced total support for this. I am certain that other unlikely figures will rise and join the side of freedom.

The question I have is: where are the Groypers?

Scrolling through Groyper Twitter feels like I’ve fallen through a time warp back to January.

Yes, Jake, that skank is dumb. And this time next year, she’ll have track marks on her arms and be begging you to let her sleep on your couch, saying, “or I can sleep with you, in your bed, if you want…” Just make sure to hide your cash and cellphone under a non-obvious loose floorboard.

Oh. Scott found a tranny. There’s a 100% chance he’ll be dead this time next year.

Nick: Forget about Ben Shapiro. If you’re at the protests, and Ben Shapiro isn’t, this time next year every word you utter will be worth more to the people than an entire book by Ben Shapiro.

Go to the protests. Chicago has been having regular protests.

Go to the protests and give speeches about freedom. Get them recorded. Get them on social media. You’ll become the hero of the entirety of White America overnight. They will probably arrest you, you’ll spend a few days in jail, you’ll achieve permanent martyr status.

Get your people at the protests across the country. Make them visible. Be the anti-lockdown figure you were born to be. This is your time. All of the rest of this stuff you’ve been doing for these last four years was just God giving you practice for the man you were destined to become. Seize the mantle of the chief anti-lockdown, pro-freedom, pro-America figure.

Vince, Scott, Patrick, Jake and all of you other lads: the old world is dead and it isn’t coming back. This is the new world. No one can escape what has just happened.

These TikTok videos are great, but ask yourselves how much this stuff is going to matter to people who are simply trying to survive? Why not do TikTok videos about the lockdown?

Everyone needs to take up positions.

We need people at these protests.

Go to them. All of you. Go to as many of them as you can.

We have to use these protests to build a movement. This is an opportunity that exists right now that is not going to exist forever. There is a window of time. We do not know when protests are going to be outright banned. Or who knows – maybe they’ll just open up the country and let people fend for themselves in this new hellscape. I don’t think that will happen, but it could, and if that happens we still will have missed the opportunity to be there when this was happening.

Right now, this is like a free coins level. Political relevance is just laying around everywhere, waiting to be collected.

We need to build a political foundation for what is coming, and it needs to be done at these protests. I don’t have to explain how the American Nationalist narrative fits into all this: it’s obvious. If a few people on Team Nationalism can make themselves visible, they are going to be positioned as figures of authority in this new world we’re being thrown into. People will follow someone who became famous protesting the lockdown before they will follow someone who told them to stay inside and obey the government, or tried to blame China for the actions of the US government.

What happens now, in these first months of the crisis, is going to shape what happens in the years to come.

The people – OUR PEOPLE, the people that all of this is about – are already out there waving American flags and saying this is a conspiracy by the government to destroy our country and force us all into poverty. I don’t think they’re Daily Stormer readers – they figured this all out themselves! It’s everyone from boomers in the Midwest to zoomer surfers in California – the thing that unites them all is that they are white and they are patriotic Americans who believe in freedom.

They need leadership!

The path is wide open.

There has never been a time in history where it was easier to convince tens of millions of people to line up behind you.