If the Vaccine Isn’t the Mark of the Beast, It is Certainly the First Stage of It

Israel is serving as the proving grounds for the coronavirus agenda.

Anything that is happening in Israel is eventually going to happen everywhere else in the West.


After spending much of the past year in lockdown, Tel Aviv makeup artist Artyom Kavnatsky was ready to get back to work. But when he showed up for a recent photo shoot, his employer turned him away. The reason? He had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“He didn’t take me because I didn’t get vaccinated,” Kavnatsky said. “It’s discrimination, and it’s not all right.”

The breakneck pace of Israel’s vaccination drive has made it one of the few countries able to return to much of its pre-pandemic routine. Bars and businesses, hotels and health clubs have all sprung back to life in Israel, where some 80% of the adult population is fully vaccinated and new infections and COVID-19 deaths have plummeted.

While Israel provides a glimpse of what may be possible with high immunization rates, it also offers insight into the problems that lie ahead: Workplaces and schools are now grappling with what to do with those who refuse to get vaccinated as the next phase in the pandemic again pits public health concerns against individual rights and possibly new questions of equity. One case has already ended up in court, and others are expected to.

Airlines are already considering if vaccination, or a recent negative test, might be required for travel, as is the European Union. Some officials in Britain and the United States are exploring if proof of immunization could help large-scale gatherings to return, though there remains significant resistance to such measures in the U.S. Whether a shot is necessary to go back to work or class is an even thornier question.

The reason Israel is doing this first is that they are intended to be the center of the New World Order empire, where a satanic cult based on Jewish notions of demonology will be presented as Gaia earth-worship.

We are already entering the point of the Mark of the Beast.

It will not be long before people are made to worship at the temple of the new religion.

Don’t believe the boomer evangelical heretics: there is not going to be any “rapture.” These boomers simply cannot grasp the concept of death, so they’ve invented a religion that allows them to live forever. It is pure heresy.

Just think about it for a second: the church is very old. Jesus lived 2000 years ago. For 1833 of those years, no one believed in a “rapture.” And it wasn’t widely believed until the entire Jew “chosen people” doctrine was introduced after the so-called “Holocaust of the Jews in fake shower room gas chambers.”

Why do boomers think they are smarter than all of the previous Christian theologians for these millenniums?

I have seen these people saying “oh it’s okay to take the vaccine and get the vaccine passport, because before the 666 Satan beast mark comes, we will all be raptured.”

Furthermore: Does that make sense to you, just based on a basic logical level of what you’ve seen in your life? Do you think Jesus is going to come down out of the sky and suck people up into outer space? Does that seem reasonable?

Many of us have personally experienced miracles. But the reason they were miracles was because they were statistically impossible, not because they were actual magic. Once you experience a series of statistically impossible events in a row, you start to understand that God must exist, because there is no other explanation for an ongoing series of statistical impossibilities.

I’ve written about this before, and I will write about it again, in this context: if you ask God to give you a sign of his existence, and you pay attention, all of a sudden a bunch of things that are statistically impossible will happen in a series.

Actually, this is the premise that Mike Lindell presents in his book “What are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.”

When it comes to magic – we’ve not seen any magic. We believe in the miracles of Christ, but that is all. Anything else should be considered in-line with what we know about the nature of physical reality, because God clearly put us in a physical reality that has a set of rules. The place God exists, in this reality, is in the violation of statistical probability. Anyone who is telling you about some kind of magical thing that’s going to happen is probably a charlatan and/or a heretic.

Now, they’re telling you that a system that is literally a 666 mark that prevents you from buying or selling can’t be the 666 beast mark – because of the rapture.

I said the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast and someone sent me this:

That boomer is literally shilling vaccines. If he wasn’t shilling vaccines, he would say “well, it’s not the Mark of the Beast, but still you will be cursed if you take it because it’s made of aborted babies, and also you shouldn’t be changing your genetics anyway as that is an abomination unto God.”

But no, he doesn’t say that, he says “don’t worry, just take the vaccine, goy – God will save you from any trouble, because life is happy all the time and there is never any suffering.”

That’s also the boomer position – Christians never have to experience suffering. That’s why they say they won’t experience the End Times, because of their rapture theory, because they think Christians never have suffering.

What about Saint Peter, who demanded to be crucified upside down, because he wasn’t deserving as the same death as Christ?

What about Saint Stephen?

Saint Sebastian?

The thousands that were martyred in Nero’s Colosseum?

I believe that those martyrs didn’t suffer when they died, because of their faith. I believe that God helped them turn off the pain mechanism in their brains, so that they didn’t feel it. That is something we know is physically possible for the brain to do (i.e., not magic). Your brain has the physical capacity to turn off pain, and I believe that is what happens when a true Christian is tortured to death.

Jesus already felt that pain, so through him we are saved from it, if we get into a situation where we are tortured to death.

Furthermore, for all of the pain you do suffer, you will be rewarded in the next life – and those who inflict it will be punished.

But this idea that you will live your live avoiding any discomfort at all, and that this is some guarantee of God, is a nonsense thing invented by the boomers.

Boomers are pathetic, weak heretics, who do not know of suffering because they’ve led charmed lives, where everything was given to them, and none of their choices had consequences – except on their children.

They thus embraced this gibberish, non-Biblical, magical belief that they will be sucked up into outer space before the End Times. I fear that this will lead to them suffering the most.

I am not a Biblical scholar, I’m not a prophet, I don’t claim to know the meaning of the end times. Anyone can make John’s Revelation say anything by mixing literal and symbolic interpretation. Evangelical boomers admit that the dragon is not a literal dragon creature, but then say that the Beast (which is not a literal beast) is literally a single man and that people literally worship him.

To me, it seems that “worship” is what people are doing now to the system of authority. We have also seen literal worship of the blacks, with people bowing down before them and praying to them.

Furthermore, I don’t know how you describe the evangelical view of Jews, other than as “worship.” They claim they are “God’s chosen people” (which is plain heresy), then they talk constantly of how great they are, and then “pray for Israel.”

Christians United for Israel are going out and chanting praise, holding the evil symbols of the murderers of Our Lord Jesus, and praising them.

This seems to qualify as “worship of the beast” to me!

At the same time, there also seems to be the forming of a new religion, based on Gaia-worship. And we’ve seen that in California, children are now chanting the names of Aztec demon gods in school.

But again: unlike the sickening boomer evangelicals, I am not claiming to understand all of this. You can make this stuff mean anything. So you have to be logical about it.

However, what I will tell you is that this vaccine and the vaccine passport are what is described in the Book of Revelation as the Mark of the Beast.

Bill Gates has also copyrighted an implantable microchip that uses your body’s energy to mine cryptocurrency, and “666” is in the patent.

I’ll just post this whole thing, so we’re all clear on this.

So it is likely that they will first vaccinate you, then make you do the QR code with the app, then implant you with a computer chip in your right hand. That is their plan.

So if I were you, instead of following the boomers and just saying “oh it’s okay nothing bad can ever happen and we just have to render unto Caesar by doing whatever the satanic government says,” I would trust GOD to protect me.

Does using pieces of the corpses of murdered infants to alter your DNA seem like something God would want you to do?

(NOTE: Pfizer and Moderna have both claimed there is no aborted fetal tissue directly in their “vaccines.” However, they grow cultures on the aborted fetal tissue. Furthermore, the mere fact that aborted fetal tissue was used to develop the vaccine – something that they admit – should mean that no Christian should have any questions at all about whether it is okay to take this so-called vaccine.)

Not taking the vaccine is going to make your life harder, for sure. But no one ever promised you an easy life.

Editor’s Note on Evangelical Heresy: 

I’m not condemning every evangelical Christian as evil or a heretic, just like I’ve never said that every cop is a psychopath.

However, as a general fact, yes: Evangelical Christianity is heretical, and most of the leaders in the movement are in league with Satan.

As I’ve said from the beginning: their original sin was the same original sin as the original original sin: feminism.

Once Christians decided that it made sense to say that both:

  1. Women should remain virgins until marriage (or at least pretend to by marrying the first guy they have sex with), and
  2. Women should go to college and enter the workplace

The jig was up.

They flushed the entire religion down the drain in the name of feminism.

There were already some serious problems with American protestantism, which went back a long time (really to Martin Luther himself, frankly). But there was no way they could embrace feminism and remain true Christians.

This is how they ended up as de facto satanists, worshiping the sickening, evil Christ-killing Jews as “God’s chosen people.” They didn’t just all of a sudden start worshiping Satan. It takes time to get to that point. You’ve got to be really riding off the rails.

Firstly, modern Jews are not really the tribe of Judah. They maybe have some vague DNA link to them, but even at the time of Christ, Rabbinical Judaism had already turned evil. Jesus stated that clearly. It’s not hard to understand, because we have a modern analog: look at the Catholic Church, which was taken over by homosexuals, to the point where they now have an openly pro-anal pope. So, that is what happened to the priesthood of Judea before the time of Christ – satanists, who as we know are largely homosexual, had infiltrated and taken over. Then, over the last 2000 years since Christ, rabbinical Judaism has shaped itself around hatred of Christ, which has involved serious mixing of their blood with other satanic groups.

So: the Jewish religion was already evil at the time of Christ, but the modern Jews are not really very closely related to that anyway.

But even if you believed that, the Church Fathers were very clear that the Old Covenant was no longer in effect. Of course, evangelicals will say that they don’t need the Church Fathers, or any history at all, and they will just invent their own new religion based on the Bible alone. I don’t understand how that is different from David Koresh or Jim Jones, but okay.

Here’s the thing: the Bible is very clear about the Old Covenant not being in effect. I will even go ahead and quote the boomer NIV edition (which I typically do not like), just so they don’t get confused.

The covenant with the Jews that the evangelicals say “cannot be broken” is, according to Saint Paul the Apostle:

  • Obsolete
  • Outdated
  • Should disappear

“Supersessionism” is the term used typically to describe the transfer of the covenant with Abraham to Christians.

If you read the Wikipedia page, this is the explanation they give for why Evangelicals brought back the old covenant against the wishes of the Bible:

Supersessionism has formed a core tenet of the Christian Churches for the majority of their existence. Christian traditions that have championed dual-covenant theology (including the Roman Catholic, Reformed and Methodist teachings of this doctrine), have taught that the moral law continues to stand.

Subsequent to and because of the Holocaust, some mainstream Christian theologians and denominations have rejected supersessionism.

I keep thinking they’re going to delete that.

But there it is: modern evangelical doctrine is based not on the Bible, let alone the history of the faith, but on the Holocaust – which by the way, is a hoax.

But I do want to say, I’m not condemning all followers of Evangelical Christianity. I know a lot of the readers follow that. What I am saying is that you need to be careful, because it is officially game time, and you’re gonna need to be on the ball.

I personally was raised in Evangelical Christianity. Obviously, it wasn’t all bad, and back then at least, they mostly did teach the Bible on most topics. I don’t remember hearing much about Israel as a kid – that mostly started after 911, when these boomers started saying they were going to start a war in the Middle East so they could trigger the rapture which would mean they wouldn’t have to die.

I have had to work through all of this stuff myself, relying on the traditional teachings of the Church. I have not converted to Catholicism or Orthodoxy or anything, for the record.