If the Government Cares This Much About Our Health, Why Didn’t They Do Anything to Stop Obesity?

Aged bandit Mike DeWine is your mommy and he’s ready to take on the bad boys at school.

Empowered by the false claim that the usurper Joe Biden has won the presidential election, lunatic Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is going into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE on the mask mandate.

The sonovabitch has issued new rules which will punish stores by closing them for 24 hours if they violate the mask mandate a second time.

(Note that there is a heart in the Ohio coronavirus logo – that is because they are only protecting you from your own decisions because they love you so very much.)

This is literally “we will put bad boys and girls in detention.”

What the hell kind of government is run like this?

Where are they even getting the right to order stores to do things, let alone to punish them if they don’t do it?

The answer is in some kind of “emergency” legislation, but in fact, the coronavirus is not an emergency, as has been proved by Sweden. Sweden did not do a lockdown, they did not wear masks, and they now have one of the lowest infection rates in all of Europe. So there is objectively no emergency – these people are simply stripping us of our rights, pushing us into tyranny and destroying our economy. They are stripping all of the wealth from the middle class and transferring it to billionaires.

The government knows that there is no health emergency. They are not doing all of these bizarre things to us because they love us.

Someone would have to be insane to believe that the government just really, really cares about our health.

Listen: even in the most extreme situation, the worst nightmare scenario of Anthony Fauci and Neil Ferguson, the coronavirus death toll would not reach even a fraction of the death toll of the obesity crisis.

A staggering 655,000 people a year die from heart disease alone. That is 1 in 3 deaths in America. When you add in the rest of the diseases caused by obesity, including diabetes and many if not most cancers, you end up with the majority of deaths being caused by obesity. And obesity, we know for a fact, is itself caused by the abysmal quality of our food.

So here’s the question: Did the government ever do a single thing to stop the obesity crisis?

Here’s the answer: No, they did nothing at all.

The government continually refused to regulate the food industry, despite the fact that we knew that certain categories of ingredients contain no nutritional value, and are instead actually poisons that are marketed to the public as food.

What’s more, the government refused to even run a legitimate education program to teach the people how bad these ingredients are. They outright refused to even put labels on products containing concentrated processed sugar, processed grains, high-fructose corn syrup and trans-fats, despite the fact that these ingredients are scientifically known to cause obesity and have zero nutritional value.

If they were totally incapable of banning these poisons, a surgeon general’s warning like the ones that are put on cigarettes could have gone a long way, and it at least would have shown that the government has some desire to manage the crisis.

It would have made a whole lot of basic, logical sense too: concentrated sugar alone is much more dangerous to the health than cigarettes. That’s a fact that we’ve known for decades.

The reason that they refused to regulate these foods, or even put a warning label on them?

Vaguely, the stated reason was that it would violate the freedom of people to choose what they consume.

The same people that said regulations or warning labels on poisonous substances that are known to kill you would impinge on your freedoms are now saying that they have an absolute right to lock you in your house, to shut down your business, because of a virus that is proven to only be significantly dangerous to people in their 80s and 90s.

There is no universe in which the claims that these people are just protecting us from our own decisions make any sense.

And please, never forget this: that is exactly what they are saying – they are saying that they are making your decisions for you in order to protect you from bad decisions that you would make on your own if you were allowed to make those decisions. That alone makes this a very unique type of “emergency.”

These people have declared themselves our mommies and our strict schoolmarms. That is why DeWine is issuing detentions or time-outs for bad boys and girls.

Obviously, there was no law that says people have to leave their houses. Before these lunatic lockdowns, everyone in this country and in every other country had the right to stay home if they were afraid of a virus. No one was ever forcing people to leave their homes. With modern food delivery apps, you can easily stay in your home indefinitely if you are paranoid about a virus.

If the government is truly worried about this virus, the best thing they could have done is say: “we advise people to stay home, and wear masks if they go outside, but you are free human beings and you can make those decisions yourselves.”

But instead, they decided to go full tyranny, and force people to stay in their homes. Remember that most third world countries have not implemented these lockdowns, because third worlders have a more intuitive understanding of what it means to have freedom, and they would rise up if they were told to stay in their homes and wear masks all the time.

Note that these countries do not have “pandemics,” because they are not involved in the mass testing, and they are not falsely labeling deaths from other causes as coronavirus deaths.

Also note that many of these countries are ones that the West refers to as “dictatorships.” The West continues to go on about the Chinese not having any freedom. They claim that Christians are repressed. Meanwhile, in reality, a Christian can go in a church in any city in China and speak with a priest or pastor, whilst in most of the West, we are banned from attending church. Which is more free then?

Who is kidding who here?

If the usurper Joe Biden manages to steal the throne from our glorious leader, and if we roll over and do not continue the fight, he is planning on bringing total hell down on all of our heads in the form of a massive lockdown.

The entire liberal myth is that they are loving mommies.

They ask you to ignore the fact that they are planning all of these new wars, or that they are doing bizarre ritual beatings of effigies of the Real President.

They are claiming that they are cool people who are going to do everything super nicely – but also, it will be cool and fun.

That narrative sets them up to completely destroy you with these lockdowns, while saying that they are just truly your mommies and they love you so, so much that they can’t bear the thought of you hurting yourselves.

And besides – wearing a mask is cool and hip, and you should wash your hands all the time and poison yourself with anti-bacterial chemical agents that get absorbed through your skin if you’re a really fashionable person.

But many are ready to resist.

The number one reply to the DeWine post announcing the time-outs for bad boys is someone posting the gif of that funny Chinese guy doing the “I jack off and throw my semen in your face” hand gesture.

So remember: we are far from alone.

We are not some kind of fringe movement.

In fact, we are in the solid majority.

And we will fight.