If the Blacks Want to Fornicate Like Animals – They Have to Get Vaxxed! Vax Muh Dik Muthafuka!

A video has been released for the blacks, telling them they can have sex majorly if they get vaxxed.

Juvenile did a very sad remix of 1998’s “Back That Azz Up” called “Vax That Thing Up.”

This was obviously thought of by a white person – “tell the blacks they can screw like animals if they accept this deadly injection! Redo Back That Azz Up!”

You would think blacks would find this patronizing and offensive, but no. The blacks that disagreed with this message had the same response as the blacks that agreed with it: “shieeeeet, bitch!”

The video was produced by BLK, a sex hook-up app for blacks.

Some bitch I’ve never seen replaces Lil Wayne (who apparently didn’t want to be involved with this project. The bitch says: “If you wanna smash some dude named Scott, go, go, go get the shot.”

Sadly, who ever made this video is unaware that Scott is already getting smashed. Even if there was a deadly virus killing everyone, blacks would still be having sex. Aside from smoking crack and committing crimes, sex is the single most popular activity amongst the blacks.