If Someone Says “Normies,” “Based,” or “Cucked,” They’re a Terrorist

I already wrote a long thing about the British boomers saying that incels are terrorists.

But the responses to this thing about people saying words from the internet meaning they are terrorists is especially funny.

There would be much funnier replies if it wasn’t for these triggered normie boomer cucks banning everyone who is based.

Basically though, they are expanding the definitions of “extremism” and “terrorism” to include literally anyone who disagrees with any single aspect of the global Jewish homosexual feminist war agenda.

First “racists,” then “QAnon,” then “Anti-Vaxxers,” now incels – I guess that more or less covers the entire right wing.

They are drawing the line after people like Ben Sasse, so you can be allowed to be a “right wing” person as long as the only thing you believe in is low taxes.