If Russia Beheaded People for Disrespecting Christianity, People Would Stop Doing It

I thought making pornography was supposed to be illegal in Russia, but apparently like most of their important laws, this is not enforced.

So then these porno people go to the church.


A video showing a Russian OnlyFans star has gone viral after she was filmed flashing her breasts near St. Basil’s, the world-famous cathedral on Moscow’s Red Square. The model later apologized following online outrage and anger.

The pornstar, known as Lola Bunny, wrote on Instagram that she was sorry for “offending the feelings of believers,” revealing that the video was filmed two or three years ago and was not published by her.

“I’m very sorry about that,” the girl said.

The apology came after Moscow’s police department announced it would be “investigating a video posted on the Internet, where a woman shows naked body parts against the background of an Orthodox church in central Moscow.”

Lola Bunny is known online for her pornographic videos on OnlyFans, a website mainly used to sell subscriptions to erotic content. She was also known as Yambogdini on Instagram but appears to have deleted all of her photos and videos following the backlash.

This comes after an Uzbek or Dagi or whatever had a Christian woman perform oral sex on him in front of the church.

These are blatant satanic attacks on Christendom.

At least Russia has laws against this, but the laws do nothing if they are circumvented by an apology.

Instead of telling people to apologize for insulting our religion and Our Jesus, these people’s heads should be chopped off in public.

That would fix the problem.

People think “oh, but people would protest.” Actually, I do not think people would protest. The people who protest in Russia or any other country in the name of gay anal and vaginal supremacy are not serious people. Someone getting their head chopped off in a public square, conversely, is a very serious event.

One single public beheading would end any sort of half-assed gibberish about “my anal freedom” in Russia, immediately.

Of course, Western governments would protest against Russia – but if there was video on the internet of some stupid whore’s head getting chopped off, with the blood spurting out all over the bricks, even Westerners outside of Russia are going to be taken aback.

All of Western modernism is separated from anything serious and hardcore, like someone’s head getting chopped off in public. It would be a jolt for these people, and it would feel unreal and incomprehensible to these joke people who think nothing is ever serious and there are no consequences to anything.

With one smooth slicing motion, Russia could get every single slut and faggot in the country to settle down, and make ripples throughout the Western world, as everyone who sees a public beheading is forced to reevaluate their priorities.

Public beheadings were a part of our civilization for thousands of years, until relatively recently. You can absolutely trace a path from the end of this practice to the rise of people who operate with a total lack of seriousness.

Throughout history, public beheadings were used as a way to remind people: there is nothing keeping your body alive other than this blood pumping through you. And all it takes to stop that blood from pumping is the will of someone willing to do it – with the guillotine, it was a single, smooth swoop.

Replacing the beheading with the hanging, which was a practical thing in America (rope was easier to come by than a heavy sword or a guillotine), was a negative social change. Even while a hanging is much less serious, it still forces a person to consider the nature of human mortality.

If Russia were to chop some stupid whore’s head off for insulting Our Jesus, the entire climate of the world would change immediately. The Jewish media would try to blur the photos, to try to protect the childlike population from a vision of seriousness, but everyone would get it. Everyone would be forced to reflect.

All of a sudden, when the issue of war with Russia came up in the media, with some stupid bitch like Nimrata Randhawa (“Nikki Haley”) saying we have to invade the Ukraine to protect democracy, where there was once apathy among the public, everyone would get a sinking feeling in their stomach, being reminded that Russians are serious people and a war with Russia is a serious proposition which should not be made so casually by someone as unserious as Randhawa.

Moslems are the only people that have recognized this. You’ll notice that after Moslems started releasing these videos of public executions on the internet, all of a sudden the American people seemed to lose interest in these wars, and started pushing back against the neocon agenda.

Seriousness is coming back to the reality of the soft, domesticated Western human being, one way or another. We are all going to live to see the reemergence of seriousness.

Russia should kick off this revolution of the serious by chopping off the head of a blasphemous whore. The domestic and geopolitical benefits are so massive that it is mind-boggling that this hasn’t happened already.