If Netanyahu Gets Thrown Under the Bus…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2018

Bibi is probably corrupt. I would assume so. Most politicians are, and you imagine a country full of Jews, they have to be just ripping each other off left and right.

I mean, think if there was a country of vampires. With no humans to suck the blood of. They would all be trying to suck each other’s blood every chance they got.

Point being: corruption is not especially relevant. I mean, the big thing a few months ago was that Bibi’s wife was spending too much on take-out food and was mean to her maid. Then they started talking about how some Nazi dickhead from America thought his son was a really cool guy.

It is a witch hunt against Netanyahu.

By liberal Israeli Jews, who do not like his “fascist” policies.


As Israeli authorities prepare to indict Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, the Prime Minister has addressed his supporters to reassure them of his innocence and his readiness to battle the charges in court.

Netanyahu has been under investigation for allegedly taking bribes from campaign contributors in exchange for political favors since August. The Prime Minister is also suspected of seeking to strike a deal with a major Israeli newspaper in exchange for favorable political coverage.

On Wednesday Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh met with other top brass Israeli police chiefs to discuss Netanyahu’s cases as they near consensus to formally indict the Prime Minister. Investigators believe they’ve gathered enough evidence to prove Netanyahu is guilty of receiving bribes. However, before an official indictment recommendation is made to the State Attorney’s Office, the police team will examine the remaining “holes” in the case, Israeli media report.

Netanyahu, who has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and called the investigation a political attack orchestrated by the opposition, addressed his followers in a video posted on his Facebook account.

“Many of you ask, What will happen? So I want to reassure you: There will be nothing because I know the truth,” Netanyahu said in his Hebrew video address.

ראש הממשלה נתניהו: לא יהיה כלום, כי אני יודע את האמת

רבים מכם שואלים, מה יהיה? אז אני רוצה להרגיע אתכם: לא יהיה כלום, כי אני יודע את האמת.מדינת ישראל היא מדינת חוק. החוק אומר שמי שקובע אם יש ראיות לכאורה נגד ראש הממשלה, זה היועץ המשפטי לממשלה והוא מתייעץ עם פרקליט המדינה.פרקליט המדינה אמר רק לאחרונה בכנסת שכמחצית מהמלצות המשטרה מסתיימות בלא כלום.אז אל תהיו במתח: המלצות יהיו, שלטים בנוסח ״ביבי אשם עד שתוכח חפותו״ גם הם יהיו, לחצים פסולים – גם הם יהיו.אבל אני בטוח שבסופו של יום הגורמים המשפטיים המוסמכים יגיעו למסקנה אחת, לאמת הפשוטה: אין כלום.

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“So do not be nervous … There may be recommendations, or signs saying ‘Bibi is guilty until proven innocent’ or other improper pressures. But I am certain that at the end of the day, the qualified legal authorities will reach a single conclusion, the simple truth: there is nothing,” Netanyahu said.

The thing in Israel is that so much of the support for Bibi’s Likud right-wing party is coming from the Arab (Mizrahi) Jews. The imported Jews from America and Western Europe are high on the leftist ideology their parents and grandparents created for the goyim. And the Ashkenazim liberals control the Israeli media.

There is a very good chance they are going to completely depose Netanyahu in the most humiliating way imaginable. I mean, if he is indicted, they will uncover all sorts of crooked shit he’s done. He’s a friggin Jew lifetime politician. Just imagine.

This will mean that the Israeli right-wing will not be viable for a very long time.

Which will mean the Israeli war agenda will slow down, quickly. They will very likely also break with Trump, maybe even on the embassy thing. American neo-con forces will be inept without a direct counterpart in the homeland. Putin will walk all over a liberal kike regime and get the Iranian bases built in Syria.

The entire world situation will change.

The entire Jewish war machine is dependent on Bibi. Honestly, along with Trump, Putin and Erdogan, Bibi is the most important, competent actor on the planet. Without him putting his foot on the neck of the American military industrial complex, you will see the sun rise on the entire Middle East.

Whether or not Bibi is indicted is the most important question in the world right now.