If Nancy Goes to War with Alexandria, She Will Lose

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2019

Kevin McCarthy can go to war with Steve King and win because the official position of the Republican Party is that they hate white people and want them to be replaced. The fact that only white people vote for them and that none of their voters agree with destroying white people doesn’t matter, because they are able to maintain the official position of “genocide lite is are values.”

And because white people themselves, the Republican voters, are mostly cowards who won’t defend their own selves.

The Democrats have a completely different situation.

Nancy Pelosi ostensibly agrees with everything that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says, she just claims that it’s not politically viable, or whatever.

Imagine Kevin McCarthy saying “I agree with Steve King’s desire to assert the supremacy of the white race, but we need to make sure we’ve got everything worked out before we make our move against the nigger horde.”

Would Kevin McCarthy be able to oppress and abuse Steve King if that was his official position?

Obviously no.

So why does Nancy think she can hold down AOC when all AOC is doing is saying she wants to do now the things that Nancy says she wants to do later?

Certainly, between the two, Nancy isn’t going to win a popularity contest or somehow overpower the younger woman with the strength of her personality.

Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday made a point to heap more praise on Democrats who flipped Republican seats in the 2018 midterms and downplayed representatives like herself and freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who carried districts where a “glass of water” with a “D” next to it could win.

“When we won this election, it wasn’t in districts like mine or Alexandria’s,” Pelosi said. “[S]he’s a wonderful member of Congress as I think all of our colleagues will attest. But those are districts that are solidly Democratic.”

To drive the point home she picked up a water glass next to her and said: “This glass of water would win with a ‘D’ next to its name in those districts.”

More like a glass of tequila with a pair of Ds on the front of it.


Obviously, no one disputes that any Democrat would win AOC’s district.

What people disputed before the election was that AOC would win the primary against Joe Crowley, who had held the district for ten terms. In fact, before she won the Bronx/Queens district, the New York Times had not printed a single article about her, and if I recall correctly, her name had only appeared in the paper ONE TIME buried in some article about young primary challengers.

And she completely blew the guy the fuck out.

That was the achievement, and that is where the power of the young, brown Democrat base is: in the ability to primary whichever white or Jewish Democrat they want to primary.

And that isn’t something you can attack, unless you start calling for these people to have their citizenship revoked in some kind of Double-Trump Ultimo-Fascist Skin-Hate program.

If Democrats don’t start ethnically cleansing brown people from their districts – or start assassinating primary challengers – then the clock is ticking on the ability of white politicians to win Democrat primaries.

The entire strategy of replacing yourselves was just fucking stupid to begin with.

I don’t know who ran the math on this, but it doesn’t appear to be figuring.

Importing brown people for easy votes was something too easy for them to resist doing, but the issue is, once the party is entirely brown, close to all of the remaining white voters are going to leave the party. Because whether they will admit it or not, most white people are not comfortable being ruled over by extreme brown communists.

If I were the white/Jewish establishment of the Democrat Party, I would be trying to make peace with the brown revolutionaries, not out there publicly attacking them at random for no clear strategic reason. Nancy is simply buttmad and lashing out and it is hilarious that there is no one who can tell her to stop.

I support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, and want to see the entire party go brown. Because then, the lines will be drawn and everyone will understand where they stand.

All I ever wanted was honesty.