If Louise Mensch Can’t Get Julian Assange Arrested, She Wants Him Dead

Daily Stormer
October 17, 2016


This explains her bad decisions, like writing ads for Hillary and marrying a Jew.

The whole Wikileaks Podesta email dumps have rustled jimmies around the globe, and no one is in a more acute state of rustlement than former “conservative” MP and current Heat Street “journalist” Louise Mensch.

She is in fact so rustled that she has been calling in every favor she feels she’s owed (and likely offering some new “favors” to anyone who will aid her) to try and get the British authorities to cause an international incident by storming the Ecuadorian embassy and dragging hero Assange out the front door by his neck.

Sounds rough.

Sounds rougher!


What could Assange have done to upset the duplicitous little shiksa so badly you ask? Well, Wikileaks exposed her for a political traitor, writing ads for the Clinton campaign, and that hurts her “conservative cred” just a tad, and her (((bosses))) at Heat Street likely aren’t happy about that.

So, yesterday I’m just scrolling through my mentions on twitter, and some enterprising Stormer linked me to this little conversation.


Arrest isn’t good enough, now that she can’t get him arrested. Now he must die.

Now, bear in mind that to the knowledge of myself and this website, Mensch is not a racial Jew, but she did marry one, and it appears as though she’s taken the Jewish subversion directly into her DNA by osmosis…or something [Editor’s Note: Perhaps through injection. -AA].


Mensch and her rat kike husband.

Let’s examine some of the hubris-filled and insane Jewish narrative that she spews like autistic volcano, shall we?

Assange is a nobody.

In that tweet, Louise tacitly acknowledges that her actions may well get Hero Assange killed, but she says she will face no repercussions because he, unlike her, is a “nobody.”

He’s a rapist racist antisemitic misogynist traitor with rotting gums.

I ask you, does that sound like a “conservative journalist” to you? It sounds like a shrieking junior college SJW to me.

Muh Rape! Muh Anti-Semitism! Muh Misogyny! MUH FEELS!

I said Louise Mensch has absorbed Jewry, likely from her husband, and the proof is in her responses to the release of her traitorous email.


Muh jews. Muh anti-Semitism.



Muh Russian spies. Muh James Bond BS. Muh pussy-grabbing. Muh serious reporter look.

Then we get to the denoument: Her moment of realization that she is powerless to do anything.

…hopefully he rots and dies in the embassy so his victims will have justice.


Who are the real victims here?

Perhaps her former constituents who thought for all the world they were voting for a conservative? Maybe the readers of Heat Street who were getting Jewed into being anti-Trump due to her participation in the coordinated and vicious full-spectrum smear campaign being directed against Glorious Leader?

And what’s with the “In sha Allah” business anyway?

Perhaps all the American people as well as everyone on Earth who opposes one-world globalism and wishes to enjoy the benefits the nation-state has to offer?

Mensch, like the rest of the kikenpresse, has overplayed a bad hand. They smelled blood, and this, combined with their fear of The Donald has led them to a point where not only does no one trust the media, most of us wouldn’t mind seeing them hanged.

Louise, Trump will be our next POTUS, and I’m sure he will do as he says and push for sensible regulations to hold liars like yourself accountable for abusing the rights and privileges afforded you by The Bill of Rights.

You can contact Heat Street on Twitter to demand they fire this lying fake journo.