If Joe Biden Wins, There Will be No More Need for Controlled Opposition

There are many different sorts of what is called “controlled opposition,” but they largely have the same modus operandi. No, that modus operandi is not to cover up the Jews. That is an element of it, but there are controlled opposition figures who talk about Jews and there are legitimate political dissidents who don’t directly talk about Jews.

The issue is distraction.

The defining behavior of a controlled opposition figure is to distract from the fact the leaders that we elect to do our agenda in the government do not do that.

From Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich to Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, all of these people spent the entirety of their time talking about what the left is doing. Jack Posobiec goes to visit Antifa and claims to have been beat up, Sean Hannity does nightly updates on the latest Democrat scandal. None of them ever say why nothing is being done about these things.

What they do is provide a vent for people to release their anger at the enemy, eternally, while no one ever does anything about it.

The reality of the situation is that we already know who the enemy is and we are already against them. There is a place for explaining who and what the enemy is, what they plan to do, and so on, but it should be a small portion of what right-wingers talk about. They should instead be talking about solutions, rather than giving us detailed updates about everything the enemy is doing.

Imagine if there was a pack of wolves terrorizing a village and you hired a team of wolf hunters and the wolf hunters brought you a detailed report of the sex lives of wolves and a scandalous picture of the head wolf eating his own shit. You would be like, “what the hell is this, I hired you to kill the wolves, not give me a report on what they’re doing!” But that’s what we tolerate from the conservative establishment.

A variation of this is people who will tell you, “it’s all the same – they’re all controlled!” Those people like to think they’re super-smart for saying that, and unironically identify as “free thinkers.” But the reason they are all the same is that the people who we elect are not subjected to scrutiny and are not criticized by their own side, because they are allowed to simply point at the other side and talk about how bad they are.

A person who says “they’re all the same, man – it’s the system, maaaaaan” is doing the same job as someone who simply talks about Antifa and Democrats all the time. They’re preventing you from taking steps to get the people you elected to do what you elected them to do.

These are people who think they are smart but sadly are incapable of recognizing the obvious. Yes, it is all controlled. But where is that control? The control is in the media. Because the politicians only have power as long as you agree to vote for them.

Democracy does actually exist.

I am not a fan of universal suffrage democracy. But it does actually exist, exactly how they say it exists: we can elect any person we want to any office. There is no one stopping us from doing that right now.

In “Notes on Democracy,” prominent anti-democracy critic H.L. Mencken wrote in 1926:

It seems to me that the common people, under such a democracy as that which now prevails in the United States, are more completely sovereign in fact as well as in law, than any of these ancient despots. They may be seduced and enchained by a great variety of prehensile sooth-sayers, just as Henry VIII was seduced and enchained by his wives, but, like Henry again, they are quite free to throw off their chains whenever they please, and to chop off the heads of their seducers. They could hang Dr. Coolidge tomorrow if they really wanted to do it, or even Bishop Manning. They could do it by the simple device of intimidating Congress, which never fails to leap when their growl is palpably in earnest. And if Congress stood out against them, they could do it anyhow, under protection of the jury system. The executioners, once acquitted, could not be molested more, save by illegal processes. Similar executioners walk the land to-day, especially in the South, and no one dares to challenge them. They are visible symbols of the powers that lie in the mob, once it makes up its mind.

This remains true today.

We have the absolute ability to replace every single member of the Republican Party with people from the internet. We could do that in November, if we had the mind to.

The problem, of course, is that Democracy is run by the media. The masses of people do not have the ability to think for themselves, so the electronic mass media is able to direct them.

The masses of people on the right have been clear on what they wanted since the 1950s, which was basically for things to stay the way they were in the 1950s.

We want:

  • Christianity
  • Freedom
  • Guns
  • Marriage
  • Small businesses
  • No immigration
  • No feminism
  • No homos
  • No racial integration
  • No war

To this day, virtually everyone who votes Republican would agree with those 10 points. Yet, none of these things get done, because the Republican politicians won’t do them. In 2016, we swept the government – both houses of Congress, all three branches of government belonged to Republicans. They had an immense capacity to do virtually anything and they somehow managed to do less than nothing. Trump has done nothing largely because he has been blocked by Republican politicians.

Thus, we should be attacking the Republican politicians.

It is the job of the media to tell us who to attack. If Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and the rest of the media put out lists of who to vote for in every state in primary elections, we could remove anyone who didn’t do what they were supposed to do every time they were up for election with a new person. There is literally nothing at all stopping the masses of people from doing this, other than that they don’t know what to do, and the media doesn’t tell them what to do.

Steve Bannon attempted to implement something like this, but he got all messed up, and was defeated by the mainstream media. But his core idea was correct, even though he never bothered to say it as clearly as I just said it.

I am fundamentally against the concept of universal suffrage democracy specifically because it gives all power to the media, given that the masses of people are not capable of independent thought. But please, understand: if our own media was doing its job, we could absolutely have the government we want using the mechanisms of democracy to put our people in the Republican Party.

No one says it, but there it is.

The election of Joe Biden will be the end of controlled opposition and of democracy.

Democracy, this rule by the media, was simply a means to an end. There is no need for a controlled opposition if you can simply crush the opposition, and that is what is going to happen if Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election.

Up until this point, the establishment was competing with the mob. They were managing the mob, through the system I outlined above. Now, they’ve turned enough of the mob against itself with media and education thought poison, polluted the mob enough with mass immigration and feminism, that they are now able to simply put an end to this whole charade.

After the election of Joe Biden, if indeed he gets elected, they are going to crush the right-wing media. They will shut down everything, including Fox News, and they will effectively shut down the Republican Party. We will enter a new system of totalitarian brutality. They will have zero reason to allow the opportunity for another Republican to get elected.

They will implement their entire agenda, in total:

  • Abolishing the First Amendment through “hate speech” laws and shutting down all opposition media (controlled and otherwise)
  • Legalizing the immigrants already here
  • Bringing in tens of millions of new immigrants
  • Fighting a war against Russia and building up further hostilities against China
  • Making every white male a de facto rapist, guilty until proven otherwise
  • Forcing children to become transsexuals
  • Removing the police from white neighborhoods
  • Taking people’s guns
  • Discriminating against whites in every way imaginable
  • Legalizing all drugs
  • Letting the blacks out of prison

And everything else you can imagine.

There is nothing standing in their way, other than a big orange man.

We need to do everything we can to get Donald Trump reelected, but the fact of reality is that his chances are incredibly slim. All of us need to understand that in six months, we will likely be living in a completely different reality, where we have no rights at all. A country that is no longer America, where there is no one to defend you if they decide to come kill you, and no one to avenge you after your death.

I have advocated moving out of the city, and that is something that everyone needs to think about. In all likelihood, you will not have a job next year anyway, because if the government keeps printing money like they are right now, it’s going to lead to hyper-inflation and system collapse, and if they stop printing money like they are right now the system will just collapse. You should look into getting a piece of land, some chickens, a wood-burning stove, and so on.

You cannot be certain that they will not send thugs to kill you in your shack, but you can pretty well be certain that you’re better off there than you are as a sitting duck in the city. You should go now, and run for office in the local municipality. A rural area could put up a fight against this system. If you’re in a red state, you can start organizing people to secede.

Secession is our only option as a strategy if Biden wins, and it’s what everyone needs to be thinking about and working on. This new system they’re bringing in is not going to be stable, because they are going to replace most of the white men with colored people and women. They’re only going to be able to manage so much. If you are able to create enough of a problem for them, there will come a time when they’ll just let you escape, because they have other problems to deal with.

The primary thing you need to do right now is get over whatever remaining cognitive dissonance you have and realize that this is indeed happening. Get your head right. We need you in the game.