“If I Was Black I’d Be Picking Cotton But I’m White So I’m Picking U For Prom” Sign Gets Student Banned

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

Jews don’t want you to joke because if you joke you could turn into the joker or worse: you could have fun.

Daily Mail:

A student has been banned from his school prom after proposing to his date with a racist sign, which read: ‘If I was black I’d be picking cotton but I’m white so I’m picking u for prom’.

The teenager from the Clear Fork Valley school district in Ohio posed with his intended date and held up the colorful sign.

The message sparked a furious backlash and the youngster has now deleted the picture, and will not attend the big night.

An image of the sign, which does not identify the students or show their faces, has been widely circulated online.

Clear Fork Valley superintendent Janice Wyckoff said the so-called promposal was ‘awful’.

In a statement to Fox8, she said: ‘Kids need to understand, when you’re celebrating things it doesn’t give you a pass on using inappropriate racial slur.

This is a process, growing up is a process, and this is one of those moments that’s a teachable moment for this kid that will last a lifetime.’

The promposal had not taken place on school property and the girl he planned to take as his date was from a different school district, she said.

She added that the student had shown remorse for the racist sign and insisted it did not reflect on the student body as a whole.

The same bizarre message has previously sparked outrage when it was used by a student in Arizona earlier this year and by pupils in Michigan, Florida and Missouri in 2018.

It’s a popular prom proposal.

But you’re not allowed to use it because this Jewish system requires that your soul stays crushed and preferably in pieces. You’re supposed to suffer, goy.

You’re not supposed to take white girls out to prom night.

You’re not supposed to marry your high school sweetheart and start a family.

You’re supposed to be a sterile degenerate.

Humor enables people to socialize on a higher level than what the Jews allow. When someone laughs at one of your jokes, that someone involuntarily reveals a kind of connection with you and, on some level, also a kind of agreement with you.

They can’t hide that you made them laugh, they can’t effectively control it. Smiling and laughing together connects people in a deep manner and you’re not supposed to develop meaningful human relationships.

You’re not supposed to feel close to someone.

Daily Mail:

Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of Americans feel like they have no one to confide in – and 70 percent say they hold back how they really feel when sharing with a friend, partner or co-worker, according to a new survey.

Most (90 percent) of Americans say they downplay their emotions to avoid worrying or stressing out a loved one, according to the survey by OnePoll on behalf of BetterHelp, a web-based counseling service.

Researchers discovered that young people (age 18-30) are most likely to isolate themselves because they are uncomfortable talking about money, job stress, parents or friends with their significant other.

The health dangers of loneliness are not new. A review of studies conducted back in 1988 identified higher rates of mortality, illness, injury, smoking, obesity and high blood pressure in lonely people, marking social isolation a risk factor for all of the above.

While the average person has 338 Facebook ‘friends,’ Americans are only getting lonelier.

Former surgeon general Dr Vivek Murthy wrote in the Harvard Business Review that ‘we live in the most technologically connected age in the history of civilization, yet rates of loneliness have doubled since the 1980s.’

‘It’s far more widespread than people believe, and like many illnesses that are related to our mental and psychological state, it gets swept under the rug and exists in the shadows,’ he told The Washington Post.

It’s not just that loneliness itself is an emotional, societal ill. Holding feelings in can lead to any number of physical and emotional issues, with survey respondents reporting trouble sleeping, bad focus, short temper and poor eating habits.

In addition, 30 percent said they’re more likely to break down crying when experiencing stress.

Some 53 percent said they have cried in their car, while 40 percent have broken down at a family event and 34 percent have shed tears at work.

The Jews want you to fall into despair.

They destroyed heterosexual relationships and the family, they ruined friendships and they banned humor.

Your soul is under attack.

Defend it. Defend your humanity. You’re not a robot. You’re not an empty husk.

You are worthy of existence. You are worthy of friendship. You are worthy of love.

I know you are worthy because you were brought here by your ancestors, who had to be worthy in order for you to exist. Their blood runs in your veins. You are the result of a chain that can be traced back to the birth of Creation itself.

The things you want to experience, but which appear to be avoiding you, are actually being kept from you by the Jews and their soul-shattering system.

Don’t let them keep those things from you. You can take them back. You can take back everything that they’ve taken from you and everything that they’ve taken from us.

Have a sense of humor even if the system hates you for it. Laugh even if you think you are alone.

There are people waiting to hear your jokes.