If I Wanted to Get Stabbed to Death by Blacks, I Would Have Just Stayed in Italy


I see “Columbia University grad student stabbed by wild jungle negro” and was like “lol good.”

Then I read he was an Italian and thought “he probably doesn’t have anything to do with American shitlib culture and was just getting an advanced STEM degree (I think they still have those at Columbia?) for totally reasonable and normal human reasons.”


New York Post:

A Columbia University grad student stabbed to death in Morningside Park desperately cried out for help before collapsing, part of a horrifying random attack caught on video, according to new court papers.

“Help, I have been stabbed!” 30-year-old Davide Giri exclaimed as he stumbled off after being fatally knifed in the gut, a criminal complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court revealed.

Chilling surveillance video shows Giri, who was from Italy, being approached from behind and stabbed in the Upper Manhattan park near Columbia’s campus shortly before 11 p.m. during a 20-minute rampage that also wounded another Italian man, the document says.

Wow, both Italians?

Was this a coincidence?

Or… was it a racial revenge attack for Andrew Cuomo molesting all those women and his brother covering it up? 

The injured victim had just arrived in the city as a “visiting scholar” at Columbia, the school said.

The surveillance footage “depicts a man wearing a red hoodie under a dark jacket approach Davide Giri from behind, make a stabbing motion, and then Giri runs away” before falling to the ground, the complaint says.

Minutes later, the man in the same red hoodie and jacket stabbed the Italian scholar “in the torso multiple times,” the document says. The victim was hospitalized for “several stab wounds to the back and torso including one that punctured his internal organs.”

Just imagine that this happens every day, but Kyle Rittenhouse crossing state lines to kill only three worthless blacks is headline news for years on end. Even though that didn’t actually happen in real life.

They held a vigil for him.

Serious question: isn’t it racist in 2021 to hold a vigil for a white person killed by a black?

I’m serious that’s a serious question and I think the answer is “yes.”