If Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Win, It’s Obvious Fraud Again (Which is Why He Might Win)

There’s an election in Virginia today.

Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat and former governor of the state, is losing in the polls by a significant margin to Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin.

I haven’t written about it much, because I don’t really care about elections.

But the outcome will be worth analyzing. Basically, if Youngkin loses, it is definitely fraud. They are using the same laws from last year with the mail-in voting, and it’s a Democrat controlled state, so if there is a will to commit mass fraud, they can easily do it. There is zero to stop them, and they already know the Republicans will do nothing about it.

So why not do it? There are obvious reasons not to.

Let’s try to think like a Democrat strategist.

Here are the two options and their potential strategic benefit and risk to the Democrat Party:


  • Benefit: The Republican voter will be demoralized
  • Risk: Republican voters will begin to give up on politics completely, and might start to consider other options

Allowing Republican to win fairly:

  • Benefit: Republicans will be engaged with the system, which will largely cause them to waste their time
  • Risk: Republicans will be energized, meaning it will be harder to do fraud in the 2022 election; Democrats may also be demoralized (but the hard edge will just become more outraged and fanatical, and the hard edge is leading the party, so maybe demoralization doesn’t matter)

Remember: fraud is not a panacea – at least not yet. These elections are still controlled by the states. So in red states, where governments are pushing back hard against fraud, the margins are going to be closer. Furthermore, if you get the kind of turnout you had in 2020 (at least relative Republican to Democrat), they’re going to have a pretty hard time holding the House, if not also the Senate.

That said, the GOP is getting worse by the day, and really is completely useless. Even if you have a handful of Congressmen and a couple of Senators who are willing to fight, on the whole, the GOP at worst will not do anything, and at best, you’ll have enough Republican traitors to push the Biden agenda through. Furthermore, Biden still has a year to push through some social crap. The GOP will definitely support him on virus hoaxes and on the anti-China, anti-Russia agenda. Moreover, the worst Biden policies so far are executive orders. There is no chance a Republican Congress would move to stop Biden’s ability to govern by fiat.

If Republicans drop out and stop believing in the voting process, they are much more likely to start migrating to Florida and other red states and making them redder. The mandate has really incentivized that, with so many people losing their jobs anyway. If you have ultra-red states, and in particular if Texas gets locked down for the GOP (and gets a governor with working legs), you’re going to start seeing states resisting federal law more and more, which could ultimately lead to a secessionist movement that the Democrats do not have any real response to (especially given that most of their own voters seem to support it). But the red states, particularly Florida and Texas (the two most likely t0 secede), are very important, and holding the country together financially.

I think the play would be to let Youngkin win. If I was a strategist, I’d be on team “add ten percent to the Democrat vote to prevent them from getting a landslide, but don’t do a massive operation like 2020.”

There’s data showing that’s what they’re doing.

Whatever they do is going to say something about their long-term agenda. Just as I would let Youngkin win if I was a Democrat strategist, as a right-winger, I would frankly prefer if they did fraud. There is no path to fixing anything through voting – that is an absolute matter of fact.

These are the two paths for saving some remnant of the American nation:

  • Waiting for the American Empire to collapse completely while hiding out in the countryside, and
  • Secession of a confederacy of red states

The first thing is inevitable, while the second is much less likely. But the second is possible. If the second happened, it would hasten the first. Even an unsuccessful secessionist movement would cause massive instability, added to the instability that the Democrats are creating on their own.

Remember the 2016 county map:

We are the people.

And this is going to work out in the end.

But we don’t have anything to do other than to try to give ourselves the best possible chances for creating the best possible outcomes. So I am 100% supportive of secession. I think people should be moving to Texas and Florida, or other deep red states, and agitate for secession (of course living in rural areas in those states – where secessionist agitation is going to be more effective anyway). There is no reason not to do that.

On the other hand, there is literally zero reason to try to elect a president.

Virginia is too blue to secede, and being that this is an off-year “referendum” election on Joe Biden’s government, it serves my long-term purposes if he fails, and it does basically nothing for my short-term purposes (Loudoun County is not a viable place for people to live in the coming collapse).