If Dylan Roof was “AryanBlood1488,” He Hadn’t Commented on the Daily Stormer in a While

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2015

Besides the SPLC's own piece, there are only 7 articles on this conspiracy theory.
Besides the SPLC’s own piece, there are only 7 MSM articles on this conspiracy theory. They don’t link the site or have the name in the headline.

Though I could not have figured it out myself, the internet detectives of the SPLC have figured out that Dylan Storm Roof may have commented on the Daily Stormer. This isn’t particularly surprising, given that anyone reading about Black crime or other racial issues on the internet would necessarily have come across this site.

They ran his manifesto through plagiarism-detection software and determined that a specific comment from the generic handle “AryanBlood1488” is very similar to a passage in Roof’s alleged manifesto.

From the manifesto:

The reason for this is that White culture is world culture. I dont mean that our culture is made up of other cultures, I mean that our culture has been adopted by everyone in the world. This makes us feel as though our culture isnt special or unique.

The comment:

The reason some whites feel as if they have no culture, or that their culture is uninteresting, is very simple.

White culture is World Culture, and by that I dont mean that our culture is made up of ones from around the world, I mean that our culture has been adopted by everyone in the world.

This makes us feel as if it isnt special, because everyone has adopted it.

For example, forks, doors on hinges, suits, pianos, and other simple things are all part of White Culture, just as chopsticks, sliding doors, kimonos, and the koto, are part of Japanese culture. Most people dont think about this. And they dont appreciate it.

A person using this handle posted around 20 comments on the site over the course of a few months. All of the comments were made from different emails and proxy IPs. The poster’s last comment was in February of this year, and it is possible that the poster was banned. I don’t keep a record of comments which I delete after banning someone, but if he had posted something suggesting violence, I would have banned the poster.

There is also a Twitter handle called "@AryanBlood1488" which belongs to a German who joined Twitter in 2011 (before Roof states in his manifesto that he was aware of the Black problem), and hasn't posted since May of 2013. It's a very generic "White power" type handle.
There is also a Twitter handle called “@AryanBlood1488” which belongs to a German who joined Twitter in 2011 (before Roof states in his manifesto that he was aware of the Black problem), and hasn’t posted since May of 2013. It’s a very generic “White power” type handle.

The last post was after the poster called me immature for responding to an email from Kyle Rogers. The SPLC holds that the fact that he defended the Council of Conservative Citizens, which he refers to in his alleged manifesto, implies that it must be him. So if this poster was not banned, he may have left the site in agitation.

Note: I have apologized to Kyle for this post, which was inappropriate.

Most of AryanBlood1488’s comments were typical and of no real consequence.

The commenter commented on what Somalians look like:

Somalians and Ethiopians are really vile looking creatures, with the bulging Arab eyes and negro skin.

Commented on Turkey trying to get into the EU:

Lol at this stupid Turk trying to use mind tricks to get into the EU, just like a Jew. Semitic blood must have a propensity to be sneaky.

Commented on Russian separatists:

I think its funny how the the pro-Russian men are called “the Rebels”. So the government is taken over by protestors and the people who disagree are the rebels?

The commenter commented on my review of American Sniper:

The is the second time you have praised this movie, and the second time you have sounded like some kind of stupid conservative with your comment “Who did it both for American freedom and..,”, the other being your articles on how White Americans are.

Ive seen this movie, its nothing but stupid mainline conservative shit. For example the quote they show in the trailer, “I love this country and I want to do everything I can to protect it.” Protect it from what? The enemy are here not in the Middle East. This movie is shit.

Sorry but I dont have respect for Veterans, they want to act like we owe them something because they are “Protecting our way of life”. Yeah, right, our way of life, LOL. Fuck this movie.

One comment may ultimately prove that AryanBlood1488 is not actually Dylan Roof and this is all just a coincidence:

To be honest Id trust McDonalds more than Burger King, just because McDonalds stores are usually nicer and they are more famous than Burger King.

But Roof prefers Burger King!

Burger King, eh?
Final proof of our innocence?

But maybe the SPLC, having found these comments, called the cops and told them to refuse any requests for McDonald’s and force him to eat Burger King instead? Maybe they threatened to have them fired for hatred if they did not comply?

Mark Potok needs to issue a statement on the allegations he conspired and used blackmail to deny legitimate business to McDonald’s, as this comments section research I just did is all but conclusive.

So, Yeah – Whatever, Jews

I don’t know if this SPLC conspiracy theory is true or not – there is no clear proof either way. I guess you’d have to ask Roof. If he did post a couple dozen comments on the site, that obviously doesn’t mean anything, as there is zero on this site which directs people should go shoot old people in churches or commit any other form of violence.

But even if the main message of this site was “hey guy, Blacks rape women so go shoot old Black ladies while they’re praying,” this site would not be responsible for Roof’s actions.

Implying that individuals are not responsible for their own actions and instead blaming people who allegedly influenced their thoughts with ideas is goofy and not really worth responding to. And it is only done with White advocates. Even while the Koran tells Moslems to go kill non-Moslems, the media comes out and defends the Koran and continually chants that Islam is a religion of peace.

This is a news site. We report the news. We have an angle, just as everyone has an angle, but we are no more responsible for the actions of our readers than the Daily Beast is responsible for the actions of their readers.

In other words: We dindu nuffin.