If Disney Calls Copyright on This Fallout: New Vegas Star Wars Mod, I’m Gonna Lose It

I give you…

Star Wars Open Worlds.

A plan already well underway to create an entire Star Wars RPG inside of Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas.




This could finally bring back the dignity of Star Wars.

What kind of features can you put in a fan-made mod, you ask?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe just a little bit of:

  • Fully voice-acted characters
  • Character customization
  • Full skill system
  • An all new Star Wars weapons and items based crafting system
  • Multiple factions
  • Companions
  • Bounty hunting
  • Extensive side quests

Then you can just go ahead and plot that all down inside of an NV-style choices matter main story and 12 planets.

People keep saying “oh no, it’s too ambitious” – but look at the trailer!

Passionate people working together to do something wonderful still can deliver the goods, even in this broken world.

If Disney calls copyright on this, I will probably have the kind of breakdown of the sort where the police catch me buck naked masturbating in my neighbor’s front yard at 7 AM and accosting people out walking their dogs.

Anyone here OG enough to remember “Kony 2012”?

Some guy made a fake documentary about a guy named Kony in the jungles of DRC who was allegedly kidnapping children and forcing them to join his army. He claimed that the only solution was to send in the US military to occupy Africa and free the children.

It became the most popular viral video of all time (at the time).

As it turned out, Kony was actually a pretty cool guy, and couldn’t be killed anyway because he was protected by spirits.

The whole atrocity thing from the documentary was totally made up. The filmmaker had never even met Kony, and had only been to Uganda once for like a week. When the film was released, Kony was probably already dead, and when he was alive there was no evidence he kidnapped any kids. Some poor young men joined his struggle because of his righteousness and his plan to restore order based on the 10 Commandments.

Then it turned out that the guy who made the film, Jason Russell, made the whole thing up. He was under intense internet pressure.

So what does he do?

The same thing I would do if Disney cancels the New Vegas Star Wars mod: he kicked it into overdrive.

Honestly, getting completely naked and masturbating in your neighbor’s front yard is a chad move. What’s more: it’s high-concept.

Even though his documentary was fake, he must have sapped off a little bit of that Kony Energy.

US government shill or not, you gotta respect the game.

Meanwhile, instead of a hardcore alpha masturbation rampage, fed shills on the right just have sex with their fat mother-in-laws.

Pretty low concept shit, man.