If Adolf Hitler was Alive Today, Half the People on the Internet Would Call Him a Shill

In 2017, in remembrance of the 1917 revolution in Russia, RT did a really neat thing and live-tweeted the events of the revolution. They had accounts for all of the characters from the revolution. It was a feat of genius.

It was much better than the crappy 1619 Project, which is actually just nonsensical anti-white hatred which doesn’t teach anyone anything.

I want to announce that in the period of 2033-2045, I will be organizing a team to do this same project RT did for the Nazi period in Germany, assuming that we have already established Sino-Friendship and @jack has been forced to acknowledge that freedom is a fundamental part of family happiness (which is the key tenet of Sino-Friendship).

I was thinking about this, and planning it in my head today, and I realized that if Adolf Hitler had arisen in the age of the internet, half the right-wing would be accusing him of being a fake and a shill. I was relating this back to the messages I see about Ron DeSantis. People on the right talk all kinds of crap about a guy who is doing nothing but good stuff.

I wrote an article about DeSantis on the morning of June 1, and mentioned that he should do something about trannies in sports. Later that day, he signed an anti-tranny bill. He seems to have waited to sign it on June 1, which sees the opening festivities of so-called “Anus Pride Month.”

Everything the guy is doing (other than supporting Israel, which he doesn’t focus on) is totally great. There is no reason to be negative about this.

When I say “if Hitler was alive today, people would be whining and calling him a shill,” you know it’s true. Of course it is. Then, after he lost the war, people would say “oh, see – he lost on purpose! The Jews helped him get to South America to bang hookers! Now the Jews get everything they want for their project in Palestine! He faked the Holocaust so they’ll get money forever now!”

Do you see how that works? How you can look in hindsight and blame anyone for anything, and say they were in on it all along? This is no different than what people do to Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump’s agenda turned out badly. But so did Hitler’s. That doesn’t mean it was all some huge hoax.

Some portion of people seem to just get negative about everything, so whatever – that is what it is. But, normal people who are not naturally negative by nature should realize that these people exist, and not take what they say too seriously.

This kind of negativity can get very toxic and really end up affecting your personal state of mind. You can get depressed from it, certainly, and you should avoid that at all costs.

Whatever the situation is, you should always find upsides, and look at those. That doesn’t mean ignore the bad stuff, obviously, but it means that for the sake of your own mental health, you have to maintain hope.

Just realize: everything is going to happen exactly as it is supposed to happen.