If a 29-Year-Old White Man Burned a 19-Year-Old Black Girl to Death After Violent Sex, What Would Happen?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2017

You know, it’s really difficult for me to believe that if the races were reversed in this case, it would be a story for the backpages.

Somehow, a white cop who shoots a black “yoof” who attacks him during an attempt to question him after he’s just robbed a store is an international story for months on end, with the parents going to the UN, and all white people held responsible for it by the media, Barack Obama and the rest of the entire establishment.

But a black man burning a teenage girl alive in her car following “violent sex” is a non-issue.

We do not see Barack Obama talking about this. We don’t even see Donald Trump talking about this. Her parents have not been invited to the UN.

Jessica Chambers’ father cries at the trial. 

Maybe it’s partially due to the fact that whites don’t come out in force when something like this happens?

I’m not saying that we should riot like the niggers – but this is clearly a racial hate crime. A nigger sleeping with a white girl in the first place is a racial hate crime.

Daily Mail:

A mistrial was declared in the murder trial of a man who was charged with burning cheerleader Jessica Chambers alive in a car in Mississippi.

Quinton Tellis, 29, will be retried in the burning death of Chambers, 19, after jurors spent more than 10 hours deliberating before saying they were deadlocked on Monday in a Batesville courtroom.

He had been charged with capital murder since her December 6, 2014 death occurred during the commission of another crime, third-degree arson.

Tellis did not take the stand in his own defense during the trial that began last Monday.

Prosecutor John Champion said during the trial that Tellis thought he suffocated Chambers while they were having sex before he drove her car to a back road.

Champion said that Tellis ran to his sister’s house nearby, jumped in his sisters’ car, stopped to pick up gasoline from a shed at his house and torched Chambers’ car and her.

Firefighters testified that Chambers told them someone named ‘Eric’ or ‘Derek’ set her on fire.

Tellis had pleaded not guilty to the capital murder death, as his defense attorneys argued that the wrong man was on trial.

Some first responders said Chambers looked like a ‘zombie,’ with burned skin and hair, when she walked from a wooded area in Courtland. She died hours later in a nearby hospital.

Champion said Chambers’ throat was damaged and she could not pronounce the letter T. He said she could have been trying to say ‘Tellis.’

Investigators said they questioned about 10 to 15 people named Eric or Derek, and all were cleared.

The horrific circumstances surrounding Chambers’ death garnered national attention amid concerns about violent crime in rural communities.


I’m sure it’s “rural communities” that are causing the violence.

Just like in Chicago, it’s “urban communities” that are causing the violence.

This is insane.

We do not deserve this.

We have a right to exist. We have a right to have daughters, without worrying they are going to go out and fuck niggers and get burned alive by them afterward.

We are human beings, who deserve rights.

But you know what?

No one is going to give us those rights because we ask for them or beg for them. We will just continually be laughed at and told that it is our fault.

If we want rights, we are going to have to fight for them.

It is time to stand up.