Idiot Child Gets Stuck in Claw Machine!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2018

How fucking dumb can you be?

Autism in action, folks.

Fox News:

A young boy who was really set on getting a stuffed toy from a claw-style vending machine at a Florida restaurant ended up getting stuck inside it on Wednesday, according to officials.

Titusville Fire and Emergency Services said in a Facebook post the incident happened at a Beef O’Brady’s restaurant on the state’s Atlantic coast.

“This evening little Mason was enjoying some food and decided he wanted a stuffed animal,” the rescue agency said. “He wanted it so bad, he climbed into the game to get that toy!!”

Fire officials said the boy was “never in any distress,” and an off-duty firefighter who happened to be there eating dinner contacted his colleagues.

We have a serious problem in this country of children – particularly boys, I’m sad to say – getting stupider.

I don’t know if it is autism exclusively, some other form of retardation – I don’t know.

What I do know is that no one is talking about it, and no one is trying to fix it, and it is time to start talking about it and time to start fixing it.

It seems to be exclusively an American thing, and I think it is clearly environmental. It is some kind of chemical issue. I am not sure it is not the vaccines, though I don’t necessarily endorse that theory. I do know that we are not doing enough research into it.

Someone needs to figure this shit out. We’ve got a generation of retards coming up on us.