IDF Chief Says Israel has Been Bombing Syria Almost Daily for Years

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

Those rascally kikes and their bombs!

Will they never learn?


The outgoing IDF chief of staff has acknowledged that Israel has been bombing Syria on a “near-daily” basis for years, in a massive military campaign allegedly aimed at degrading Tehran’s supposed military buildup in the region.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) rarely acknowledge striking specific targets in Syria but its outgoing chief of staff just openly confessed to running a large-scale bombing campaign in its neighbor’s territory. In 2018 alone, Israel dropped around 2,000 bombs on alleged Iran-linked targets, Gadi Eisenkot told the New York Times in his final interview as chief of staff of the IDF before he retires next week.

“We struck thousands of targets without claiming responsibility or asking for credit,” Eisenkot stated, confessing to carrying out strikes on a “near-daily” basis.

While the Syrian government repeatedly accuses the Jewish state of constantly violating its sovereignty and aiding the terrorists by their raids in the country’s airspace, Eisenkot claimed the Israeli actions are justified – and that, anyway, neither Damascus nor Tehran can do anything about it.

Who is stopping them from doing something about it, I wonder?

That’s right: sloppy, fat, stupid boomer Americans with their “we stand with Israel” horseshit are enabling this evil desert cult of terrorists to disrupt the entire world order in the name of their decadent, heretical and bizarre end times cult.

I hate to keep making this point over and over again, because it is just so obvious.

But it is also true.

The entire backbone of the Israeli war machine is American dollars.

And the fuel that fills the machine driving those dollars to the Jews is the “Christian Zionist” evangelical end times cult.

All of those people who went nuts cheering the Iraq war believed that this would bring about the “end times” and that this would make it so they never have to die because they would get sucked up into space by “Space Jesus.” That is how self-centered these people are – they invented an entirely new form of Christianity where they never die as long as they support Jewish wars hard enough.

It is outrageous and inexplicable.

You can blame the Jews all you want. And you should blame the Jews.

But the Jews feed on us. And just like the liberals line-up behind the Jews on faggots, trannies, niggers, immigration and on and on to eternity, conservatives line up behind the Jews on this “infinity war” agenda.