Identitarians Block NGO Ship Smuggling Sub-Humans Into Europe, Get Arrested

Daily Stormer
May 18, 2017

From the video on their facebook page

This is just symbolic of course, but it’s a start.

And it beats doing nothing.


Several members of the hipster-right, anti-mass migration Identitarian youth movement blocked one of the ships of a pro-migrant NGO which was setting sail for Libya to pick up migrants and ferry them to Europe.

The activists blocked the passage of the ship Aquarius from the pro-migrant NGO SOS Mediterranee as it was leaving the port in the Sicilian city of Catania, reports the Salzburger Nachrichten.

Members of the group, in a small boat, held up flags bearing their lambda symbol and flares and were eventually taken into custody by the Italian coastguard.

They were arrested for trying to stop someone else from committing a crime, because let’s be clear – what the (((NGOs))) are doing is flat-out illegal, they are literal people smugglers (well, sub-human smugglers in this case), and there are laws against it in Italy and basically everywhere in the world. Nobody arrests them, so you know how much you should trust your government.

This Italian woman has to be beaten and robbed, or else Sweden can’t survive

On the group’s Facebook page, they gave the reasons for the action saying: “With this action, we point to the criminal smuggler madness in the Mediterranean. For months hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants are dragged through to Europe by donation funded NGOs and do not flinch but cooperate with criminal traffickers.”

Co-leader of the Austrian branch of the Identitarian movement, Martin Sellner said: “The media and politicians need to look at this madness. We have, however, decided to act. It is our duty and our responsibility to actively intervene here and to do our part to ensure that these criminal activities come to an end.”

Italian prosecutor in Sicily Carmelo Zuccaro has accused the pro-migrant NGOs of directly working with people smugglers.

“We have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs and people traffickers in Libya,” he said.

Then why aren’t you arresting them? You’re a prosecutor, not a blogger! DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!

“We do not yet know if and how we could use this evidence in court, but we are quite certain about what we say; telephone calls from Libya to certain NGOs, lamps that illuminate the route to these organisations’ boats, boats that suddenly turn off their (locating) transponders, are ascertained facts.”

These (((NGO))) scum have smuggled hundreds of thousands of sub-human vermin to Europe in the last couple of years, and that’s all you could find? Maybe instead of trying to do your job, you should be looking for another one…

It’s clear to anyone with a brain that our (((governments))) don’t want to stop this invasion, and I seriously doubt they could even if they wanted to, considering the kind of retards the kikes and faggots the kikes have filled the governments of Europe with. The only thing that’ll stop the shit-skins from flooding Europe, and remove the ones already here, are more actions like what the Identitarians here have done, but on a massive scale, and with more and more radical means.