Idaho: Random White Guy Killed in His Front Yard by Latinx Cop – Mistaken Identity!

The suspect, Tanner J. N. Shoesmith

The cops killed a random guy in Idaho. “Mistaken identity.” Shot him in his own backyard.

Shockingly, the article points out the race of the victim and the officer.

NBC News:

An Idaho police officer fatally shot a man in his own backyard Monday while searching a neighborhood for a suspect believed to be armed, officials said.

The incident started when a Bonneville County sheriff’s deputy pulled over a vehicle in Idaho Falls for a broken tail light shortly after midnight Monday, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. While the driver remained in the car, the passenger took off running, authorities said.

Idaho Falls police officers and Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene and began searching for the suspect, who was wearing a black shirt and khaki pants and headed in the direction of a residential neighborhood, according to a statement from Idaho Falls police.

A resident told an officer they had seen the suspect run through their yard, and the resident believed the suspect was armed with a gun. All officers were given this information, police said.

The driver who had remained in the car identified the suspect as 22-year-old Tanner J. N. Shoesmith, and police learned the he had multiple warrants for his arrest, including two failure to appear warrants with original charges of resisting/obstructing arrest. The others were related to charges of felony battery on an officer and providing false information to law enforcement, authorities said.

At some point the driver received a text message from Shoesmith that shared his GPS location, which was seen by police. The GPS showed he was in a backyard in the neighborhood where the officers were searching, according to police.

“Officers and deputies surrounded the residence and backyard in order to prevent the suspect from fleeing,” the statement said. “Due to the information that the suspect may be armed, and a prior history of violence when interacting with police officers, law enforcement personnel entered the location with their service weapons drawn.”

Officers said they heard yelling and saw a man in a black shirt. He was armed with a gun, and officers told the man to drop the weapon, according to the statement.

“We do not currently have the answers as to what exactly occurred during these moments,” Idaho Falls police Chief Bryce Johnson said. “We do know that during this interaction, an Idaho Falls police officer discharged his service weapon firing one shot which struck the man.”

Shoesmith was eventually found hiding in a shed in a different backyard and arrested, according to police. He was charged on the outstanding warrants as well as a new misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest.

Shoesmith is white, as was the victim, who has not been identified, police told NBC News. The officer who shot the victim is Latino.

Body camera footage of the incident has not been released.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen the media come out and list the races when a nonwhite kills a white man.

There are only two reasons that they would list the races:

  1. To prevent blacks from assuming it was a black victim
  2. To agitate white people even further

I suspect it is more #1 than #2, because the story is going to be buried anyway. However, the FBI-run right-wing groups that they’re putting together to play the Goldstein to Kamala’s Big Brother will use stuff like this as recruitment propaganda.

There is obviously no talk of murder charges for the cop. Killing whites is legal, and in fact it appears to be increasingly viewed as a form of public service.

It’s concerning.

But I do have to admit: it is actually fascinating that the 2020 anti-police protests were actually anti-white race hate protests, and none of the people involved actually care about police brutality generally.

Remember: Joe Biden said that police are the enemy of the blacks, then he sent the military to occupy the Capitol to fight white supremacy.

This is all just totally incoherent, and just writing it out every day… I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.