Idaho: Global Outrage After Someone Posts Fliers Criticizing Jews

One of the greatest threats to NATO or Taiwan gay sex parades or whatever is people posting Christmas fliers that are critical of the innocent Jews, six million of which were masturbated to death with a lampshade made of eyeballs by an electric bear in an eagle cage.

We need to bring in the cops to stop this.

Posting criticism of Jews might not be against the law… but it is illegal.

Idaho Statesman:

Residents of Boise’s North End neighborhood woke up Sunday morning to antisemitic messages on doorsteps, fences and sidewalks.

“Never thought I’d see the day when my neighborhood would be peppered with anti-Semitic litter, along with a flyer proclaiming Santa’s elves are Satanic, all packaged in a bag full of pellet gun ammo,” one resident tweeted.

Plastic bags were filled with paper flyers that included messages saying “the Covid agenda is Jewish” and claiming people who were in favor of government restrictions related to the pandemic were “carrying out the will of the Jews.” The flyers also included a list of health care leaders who the distributor believes are Jewish. The bags contained pellet gun ammunition and a second piece of paper with a message misquoting a Bible verse by replacing Jewish-related words with Santa-related words.

Targeting our Jewish neighbors with such words and symbols should alarm us all,” Dan Prinzing, the executive director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, told the Idaho Statesman in an email. “In this moment the community must decide, do we accept these acts and become complicit in the hate — or do we stand together and condemn, denounce and prosecute the perpetrators? When such acts target one among us, they target all of us. It is time for state leaders to stand up, speak out and set a course for Idaho that does not coddle extremism, feed conspiracy theories, nor encourage a national perception that Idaho is a haven for hate.”

What would alarm me is having Jewish neighbors.

Do you know these people kidnap Christian children and drain them of their blood?

Who would want to live next to someone who acts like that?

I legit do not understand how the media keeps claiming that posting fliers is illegal, or how the cops keep claiming they’re investigating this.