Ida is Not Katrina 2, Only One Dead

This is not what we’d hoped for.

Like most people on the internet, I was looking forward to Hurricane Ida turning into a “full Coonmania” type situation.

But there’s just not enough water.

Fox News:

Ida, the powerful hurricane that was downgraded to a tropical storm early Monday, continued to lash Louisiana after leaving more than a million customers without power, the entire city of New Orleans in the dark and at least one person dead.

As of 7 a.m. local time, Ida was located about 65 miles south-southwest of Jackson, Mississippi, with maximum sustained winds near 45 mph – down from 105 mph late Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). The storm was moving north near 8 mph.

A hurricane warning has been replaced with a tropical storm warning from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to the Alabama-Florida state line, as well as Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, and metropolitan New Orleans.

On Sunday evening, all of New Orleans was without power, according to city officials. Entergy New Orleans, the city’s power supplier, said Ida’s intensity has caused catastrophic damage, including a “load imbalance to the company’s transmission and generation.”

It’s possible that the blacks will start really looting hard tonight, but really, there isn’t enough water to create a Katrina type scenario.

In fact, the most aggressive clip we’ve seen is a white guy rolling up on a black news reporter.

It’s the black people who are civilized now!

The whites are the violent menace!

You wonder if that guy is a crisis actor, no?

There’s some destruction.

These Jews are saying the Jews created Louis Armstrong.

I can believe it!

But the rain is gone and there is no more flooding.

The media is saying that the real cause of all hurricanes is global warming.

Apparently, there was more global warming in 2005, because this hurricane had no power.

I find this constant talk about the global warming hoax exhausting and dehumanizing. You really have to be a tool to believe that hurricanes are caused by cows farting.

I wanted to see livestreams of blacks rioting and looting in a Waterworld scenario, and instead I get lectured with this drivel.

On Sunday, there was some serious water.

But it just didn’t follow through.

At least the Taliban is following through.