I’d Even Like the Fat Princess Leia If She Didn’t Have the Tattoos

As the reader knows, I’m hard on fat bitches.

I just want to make it clear: tattoos are much worse than fatness on a woman – full stop.

Take for example this fat Princess Leia:

That’s a big old bitch, but I can get jiggy with it.

However, this is simply not acceptable:

That appears to be a kind of skin mural of My Neighbor Totoro.

What is the purpose here?

She simply wants the world to know that she is a really big (no pun) Hayao Miyazaki fan? Such a big fan that she will mutilate her body in his name? Perhaps she is a member of “Mutilated for Miyazaki”?

She’s also got some nasty shit on her other leg.

Probably Princess Mononoke, or I don’t know – who cares?

The point is this: here is a zoom of her flesh color:

Aryan check?


This is also not terrible Nordic skin, but the ideal pinkness of the Irish master race. You press your thumb against that, it’s gonna leave a red dot for a week.

This skin does not belong to the woman wearing it. It belongs to the race and the global race consciousness. She has no right to vandalize this skin. Vandalizing this skin, like tearing down a statue of our ancestors, can only be done as a matter of virulent hatred.

These women must be shunned.

I have taken to pointing at tattoos on women and saying, “what happened here?”

When they start squirming and pointing at my tattoos, I say, “yeah, well, my whole self-image isn’t dependent on my appearance – you should get that removed, it’s disgusting.”

Further, I see no reason men should get tattoos either. But I was a teenager once – things happen. At least I’m not a woman, thank God.