Icelandic Women are Filthy Whores: Five Fast Facts You Need to Know

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2017

Iceland: It’s a nice place to look at pictures of, but I wouldn’t want to visit.

Each time we’ve gone live on the clearnet, I’ve given a story of the crazy and often psychologically painful things I’ve had to do to get the domain. I became a Russian 1337 haxxor. I married an Arabian call center princess. I dropped a verse on a Gucci Mane album.

This time though, it was a whole other story. To get the Icelandic TLD, the male population requested I come to the country to teach them how to deal with their women, who they described to me as “a bunch of filthy fucking whores.” They had read many of my articles on feminism, and told me that if anyone could fix the problem of Icelandic women, it was me.

I’ve been here in Iceland ever since .at went down, researching the problem and trying to come up with solutions. Every time I think I’m close to a breakthrough, however, I hit another roadblock.

What I can say is that in my time here, I’ve learned a whole lot about the nature of Icelandic women.

If you’re a man and you’re planning to travel to Iceland for any reason, you can never truly be prepared for the feminist hell that is Iceland, but it’s better if you know what you’re getting into.

Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.) Icelandic Women will Not Shut the Fuck Up

Before you see her bloated, puffed-up face, her flabby gut or her glazed-over eyes, or smell the rank gin on her breath, you’re going to hear the Icelandic whore’s motor mouth.

These entitled skanks simply will not shut the fuck up. An Icelandic slut’s mouth is literally like an infinite machine-gun no off-switch. Icelandic women are so fucking stupid that they actually think that their thoughts and feelings are important, and they have the nerve to constantly berate you with them.

If you’re headed to Iceland, bring earplugs.

2.) Icelandic Women are Fat

The only time an Icelandic woman stops running her mouth is when she is stuffing it with cakes and fried schnitzel.

Icelandic women make American women look thin. Hell, Icelandic women make whales look thin. One theory as to how they got this fat is that their fathers, husbands and brothers just started stuffing them with food to get them to stop talking. Another theory is that they are so self-absorbed, that they can’t even imagine another human being existing – let alone the idea that another human being has vision and would be turned off by their arm-flaps and turkey-gobbles.

The worst part of all is how they’re all constantly rattling on about how they’re “on a diet.”

3.) Icelandic Women Cannot Suck a Dick Correctly

The men here don’t tell me about how their women won’t stop talking or how fat they are, probably because Icelandic men are a bunch of primitive farm people who have never been in a country like Afghanistan where women know they’d better keep their lips zipped or they’re gonna be drinking oatmeal through a straw.

No: Icelandic men complain that their women cannot properly perform blowjobs. They say to me “I read in the magazine, the sucking is to bring joy, Mr. Andrew, but when my gf goes for the suck, I am lucky if I’m bored.”

Men here tell dark and harrowing tales of biting as well of Icelandic women drunkenly falling asleep mid-suck and locking their jaws. One man I spoke to had to have surgery.

However, the larger whole of women here outright refuse to suck dick at all, suffering from what is clinically known as “suck refusal” – a condition under which a feminist refuses to suck on dicks because she “doesn’t feel like it” or worse “thinks it’s degrading.” I have also heard stories of women texting during bjs.

4.) Icelandic Women Age Terribly Due to Smoking, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Even if you do find an Icelandic woman who isn’t a whale, she is still going to look 62 by the time she’s 26. This is because Icelandic feminist culture is utterly depraved, and involves absurd levels of smoking, drinking and shooting, snorting or smoking drugs.

The reason an Icelandic woman engages in these activities is that she is incapable of feeling emotions towards other human beings and is incapable of being concerned about the greater welfare of society. An Icelandic woman wakes up with one thought in mind: how can I get my rocks off? And that is the thought in her mind until she passes out on dope on some filthy carpet somewhere.

5.) Icelandic Women Fuck Nigger

Most people do not actually know that “Iceland” is a country, and in fact think it is a part of an expansion pack for World of Warcraft.

That is indeed what I thought, until I was offered a domain there.

However, the few people who do know it is a real country know that it is famous because of a nigger with AIDS who fucked like 35% of the country’s entire female population.


The nigger claimed that he did not know that he had AIDS, apparently claiming that he had never seen a mirror or other reflective surface (let that one sink in for a second, it’s the funniest/most informative line in this entire highly funny and informative informational offering).


Try to avoid Iceland, if at all possible.

The women are the worst in the world.

Furthermore, if you register a domain for a website in Iceland that some dumb bitch thinks is mean, they will call the police on you.

Reykjavik Grapevine:

Grapevine spoke with ISNIC CEO Jens Pétur Jensen about the matter.

“What we are doing right now, in this particular situation, is we are writing to the National Police,” Jens told us. “We are asking them if or how we should respond and asking them for guidance.”

“He has to provide ISNIC with legal documents of his being,” Jens says. “This is something all registries can do, but it has nothing to do with the content. It only has to do with the registration itself. If [Anglin] doesn’t reveal himself and prove his being, we will close his access to the domain.

Oh I’ll prove my being, alright.

I can promise you that.

I’ll prove my being a straight-up gangsta who doesn’t give a fuck.

And there’s the catch: apparently, in feminist Iceland, it is completely illegal to not give a fuck.

According to Icelandic law, any individual is required to, at any given time, give at least 12 “full-sized, mint-condition” fucks.

Unless he’s a nigger with AIDS.

This is what feminism does, folks.