Iceland: President Wins Reelection with 92% of the Vote

Imagine it.


Iceland’s President Gudni Johannesson has been re-elected with a whopping 92 percent of the vote, according to final results released on Sunday.

The former history professor won his second four-year term in the largely symbolic position in Saturday’s vote, the second election held by a European country after coronavirus lockdowns were lifted.

Since suffering spectacular bank failures in 2008, the volcanic North Atlantic island of 365,000 inhabitants has recovered some economic and political stability, which worked in the 52-year-old independent’s favour.

The final results showed he took 92.2 percent of the 168,821 votes cast, crushing rightwing challenger Gudmundur Franklin Jonsson.

“I am honoured and proud,” the president told AFP in Reykjavik on election night.

“This result of this election is, to me, proof of the fact that my fellow Icelanders… have approved of how I have approached this office.

This guy is a leftist. I’m not sure what his policies are, I’m sure they’re horrible. Probably not as bad as most Western politicians, but I’m sure they’re very gay policies.

But put that aside for a minute, and just imagine living in a country where 9/10 people agree on how the country should be run. This is the way societies used to function. Iceland is basically 100% white, and the people are united.

The point is not what the policies are, the point is that people agree on them. If there was a right-wing politician who started to gain traction, the people would all end up agreeing about him. That is human nature. To get along with the people you live with and come to a consensus.

Normal people do not think. So what American Jews have done is split the population in half using hyper-emotional issues, and this prevents any kind of popular uprising, and allows them to just do whatever they want. They use right and left to march forward with the agenda.

Republicans push war and tax cuts for the rich, then the Democrats come in to push homosexualism and mass immigration. The people are too busy arguing with each other to look at the fact that the same people are running the entire scam.

If someone like Donald Trump does break through, which had never happened in the history of modern American Jewish-controlled politics but did happen in 2016, the system is capable of just turning everything around so it ends up back where it was to begin with.

Turning the people against themselves was the most malicious of actions by these malicious Jews.

Now we have old people protesting one another.

We should all be working for the betterment of our country.