Iceland: President of Socialist Party Wants to Tear Down Statue of Man Who Founded the Country

Iceland is a country that doesn’t even have Jews, and yet they’ve managed to go along in lockstep with the Jewish agenda as it has unfolded in the West. Apparently, Icelandic women have managed to implement this just by consuming American Jewish media.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Sputnik News:

Journalist Gunnar Smári Egilsson, the founder of the Socialist Party of Iceland, has called for the statue of Ingólfr Arnarson, the island nation’s founding father, to be taken down, referring to it as a justification of the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Gunnar Smári Egilsson, Ingólfr Arnarson, the first permanent settler of Iceland, “murdered” and oppressed “freedom heroes” and traded and owned slaves. Therefore, he wants to replace the statue of the founder of Iceland with that of slaves and rioters.

“Now that the peoples of the world are dropping statues of slave traders and slave owners, Icelanders may wonder whether we should keep this guy for much longer. This is Ingólfr Arnarson, who violently quenched the first popular uprising in Icelandic history, when he murdered the freedom heroes Dufþak and Helga in the Westman Islands, slaves who had revolted against their oppressor Hjörleifr”, Gunnar Smári Egilsson wrote on his Facebook page.

If I were a little more optimistic, I would’ve assumed this is some kind of elaborate subversion of the Jewish media’s narrative.

Pointing out the fact that whites had been slaves too could serve as a counter to the Jewish claim that whites were always oppressors and have never been victims of anything, ever.

But I doubt that’s what’s happening.

The guy doesn’t look like an 88D chess player

Good things don’t happen these days, especially in Scandinavian countries.

The statue of Ingólfr Arnarson by sculptor Einari Jónsson has adorned Reykjavik since 1924. Ingólfr Arnarson is known to be Iceland’s first settler and the founder of its capital in 874. He earlier left his native Norway over a blood feud.

As columnist Þór Þórðarson of the news outlet Helluland News pointed out, Ingólfr Arnarson “did own slaves indeed, like every Norseman at the time”. However, none of them were black (primarily Irish or other Nordics), he wrote, calling the BLM reference “all the more bizarre”. He also stressed that most slaves in Iceland owned slaves themselves at some point. Lastly, he emphasised that Ingólfr Arnarson did not murder anyone according to modern standards. He “lawfully executed terrorists who were plotting a rebellion”, Þórðarson stressed.

This is actually the funniest, and at the same time most infuriating thing about what most people think of when they hear about slave rebellions.

When the average Westerner thinks about a slave rebellion, he thinks of proud, clear-eyed people who somehow had a vision of Professor Shlomo’s Harvard sociology class, and fought for some generic principles and values.

In reality, the vast majority of these people came from societies that practiced slavery, and wanted nothing other than to be slave owners themselves, and that’s almost always what they did when they succeeded in not being slaves anymore.

American blacks who went to Liberia practiced slavery, and freed slaves in America practiced slavery. The American Indians also owned black slaves.

Jewish university professors will claim that they just replicated the slave-owning society of the southern US, but someone who’s read a couple of history books will tell you they just did what every other black group did in its entire history, and what the blacks they enslaved were already doing to each other.

For whatever reason, this is a complicated thing for people to understand.

The Icelandic Socialist Party was founded on International Workers’ Day 1 May 2017. It is self-described as “the party of wage earners and all those who suffer from want, invisibility, and abjection”. It describes its opponents as “the capitalist class and its functionaries”. Admittedly the party “rejects compromise and false dialogue”.

Since the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of US police, Black Lives Matter activists have been rallying to remove the statues of historic figures seen as “colonisers”, “oppressors”, and “slave traders”.

Across the US and Europe, statues have been attacked with paint, vandalised, and even demolished by the mob. Among those that have been razed are statues of Belgian King Leopold II, the colonial ruler of the Congo Free State, slave trader Edward Colston, Christopher Columbus, one of America’s founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, and numerous Confederate commanders from the US Civil War.

Iceland seems to be going down the drain pretty fast, and given their small population, they’re gonna be Sweden on steroids in a few years at this rate.

And you know who’s to blame for this, right?

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